What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following
What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following

Over the past few months, Clubhouse has taken the world by storm. Part of its adoration can be attributed to pandemic times, by enabling large virtual discussions – including book clubs, fireside chats and comedy shows – that would otherwise be impossible right now.

Because the app is experiencing a viral level of awareness, salon pros are curious about how to incorporate Clubhouse in their marketing strategy and grow their community. Read on for a look at the real-time audio chat app everyone’s talking about and how to make this new tool work for you.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice. When you open the app on your phone, you see chat “rooms” full of people talking and you can hop in or out, listening in and exploring different conversations. In 30 minutes, you might jump from listening to a discussion about bridal beauty cultural awareness, to joining a trivia night about the history of nails.

What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following
What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following

“It’s like listening to a live podcast,” says Freddy Razo, a California-based barber and MODERN SALON Artist Connective member. “With the audio format you can put it on in the background and cut hair, drive, make food – anything.”

The app is available to any community looking for space to host a dialogue. The host who made the room is the one who gives speaking privileges to participants, but there is no requirement to speak. When conversations are over, they disappear forever.

Depending on who the host invites, hundreds of creatives you’ve never even met can join in on the conversation, expanding the pool of industry contacts you know. You can also follow users and view their profiles, and while Clubhouse doesn’t have a messaging feature, you are able to link Instagram and Twitter in your bio for backchannel connections.

“You learn from people all over in different areas that you don’t talk to every day. Especially in the pandemic while no one can travel, Clubhouse helps you link up,” Razo explains.

Clubhouse also has an “interest” tool that allows you to filter topics you enjoy and connect with people who have similar passions.

What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following
What Is Clubhouse? How Salon Pros & Businesses Can Build a Following

Invitation Only

What really makes Clubhouse exciting is its exclusivity. The app is still in beta and isn’t yet available on Android. You can only join the fun if you’re granted an invitation, but once you join the app, you’re given invites to share with other potential users.

Creators Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson recently announced that their goal for 2021 is to open Clubhouse to the whole world, so you can safely expect for it to become more accessible by the end of the year.

Value for Salon Pros

With the sense of urgency to be cool and make a splash on Clubhouse, we have to wonder: What are the benefits for folks in the salon industry? Didn’t we just get used to using Reels?

Clubhouse is voice-only, and it might feel like a big departure from Instagram where you typically share photos and written media to build clientele. But many individuals are using the app to fill the gap left by in-person networking events – so it’s acutely advantageous for influencers, entrepreneurs and businesses who want to extend their reach.

Clubhouse isn’t the place where you’re going to learn a new cutting technique, lightening process, or how to sculpt with a brush. It might not even be a platform where you can attract new clients. Alternatively, if you want to listen to ideas and share different kinds of knowledge – on the power of sustainability, life as an independent stylist, money management tips – then this is your place.  

Different Ways You Can Use the App

Similar to other social media accounts, you should set up your profile with an evergreen photo, active links, and a clear bio that describes your job, industry, interests, hobbies, etc. Make sure to link your Instagram because this is where your Clubhouse connections will DM you!

Once you’re set up you can join clubs, start a club of your own, drop into rooms and more. Your following will grow the more active you are, and results are determined by the time and work you put in.

Creators like Razo are noticing boosts to their followings on Instagram the more they engage on Clubhouse. “The best thing about the app is that when you’re in a room, people can click on your profile and find your Instagram,” he notes. “While you’re listening, you can look at someone’s work, watch their videos and follow them there too.”

If Clubhouse sounds like it’s a fit and you’re eager to be part of discussions, here are a few ways you can start using the app:

  • Join a panel as an expert.
  • Host “talk show” style interviews.
  • Offer online coaching or a course.
  • Issue a big announcement via Clubhouse.
  • Gather for a private conversation with your salon or team.
  • Host a professional networking event.
  • Start private chats with fellow creators.

Clubhouse seems to be growing exponentially, and if you get an invitation, it’s worth joining. While the jury is still out on if voice-driven social media is here to stay, now is the chance to build your brand as an early adopter.

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