LOCATED ON A QUIET, quaint street in an upscale residential section of Lexington, Kentucky, Voce salon allows for the transcendental feeling of a being in a different place. Frosted glass windows close out the world, and one of the most common comments heard from clients is how they feel they’re, “Not in Lexington anymore.”

As a result, owner Michael G. Binion says Voce has become a destination spot. “People want to see what all is going on as the word spreads about the space-age features incorporated into the salon’s equipment and furniture andthe boutique’s over-the-top chandelier.”

The boutique addition to the salon was an intentional effort to increase profitability. “Clients love to shop before and/or after their hair appointment or while waiting for their color to process,” says Binion.

Voce also prides itself in its state-ofthe art salon equipment. The salon’s color processors are near the chairs so clients do not have to move their things to a different part of the salon and staff are not waiting to use a processor. “Staff love the equipment and are motivated to do better work, to serve better and therefore customers want to return,” says Binion.

Another highlight is the salon’s Lutron System, a lighting system that gives the ambience of glittering stars cascading down. All lights in the salon automatically change levels at dusk and dawn to save energy.

To celebrate its design, Voce held a huge opening gala in which they invited every client on their mailing list, the local media, and all the “movers and shakers” of Lexington. The catered event was a success as hundreds of guests surveyed the new salon and shopped in the boutique. “There is nothing like our design in this city,” says Binion.