In March of 2007, Luda Conti was attending Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy, when she got a phone call that forever changed her life: There had been a fire in her spa—caused by a chemical combustion in the middle of the night. The damage was irreversible.

The Manalapan, New Jersey, resort utilized a nearby medical office as a transitory workspace for staff members until they could return to the original location. Used to a stylish and grand setting, this new location required adjustment from both team members and clients. “Nonetheless, we survived the move,” Conti says, “in great part due to the loyalty and love of our clients and employees.”

Enter the new, 13,000-square-foot Avanti Day Resort. The name Avanti translated in Italian means to advance and move forward. And move forward they have, indeed.

Immediately upon entering, clients notice the stunning, contemporary decor with warm colors, natural elements, an open floor plan and plush furnishings that create a lounge-like atmosphere. White stone Bali Pebble walls create a clean, crisp look, matched with dark-stained hardwood floors and seating covered in creamy leather and rich velour.

Not only did the salon undergo a renovation, its menu of service offerings had an extreme makeover, too—offering a full-service salon; world-class day spa; medi-spa services; teeth whitening; its Signature Treatment, exclusively offered in the salon’s Razul Chamber; and Revage Laser System, a high-tech solution to shedding and thinning hair.

“We have redefined luxury and pampering by reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality,” Conti says. “It is an unforgettable experience where every feature and detail transports one to a world of unsurpassed services and pampering.”

Here, Conti points out the important design elements of the salon and spa.

“Avanti is a place where our guests are immersed in our commitment to excellence, embodied in our unsurpassed attention to detail, devotion to style, understated elegance and unparalleled personal service.”