October 2013

17 Salon Industry Leaders on What It Takes to Succeed

Years from now, history books will highlight our slice of the timeline as one of this country’s most profound social transformations—as more and more women rise to executive positions within our corporations or forge their own businesses, the fabric of American business is shifting. This month, SALON TODAY puts the spotlight on 17 enterprising women who exemplify that new mentality. Find out how they made it to the top, are shaping the industry and are paving the way for future generations of women.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Normajean Fusco

Normajean Fusco's career in beauty spans more than 30 years and includes diverse industry experience--from aesthetics to consulting to industry giants to founding Equibal Labs, which manufactures a professional line of products featuring Nufree, the only self-preserving antimicrobial, antibacterial, hair-removal process.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Rhoda Olsen

With more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in various positions throughout Great Clips, including CEO, Rhoda Olsen has a deep understanding of what makes successful organizations work.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Bonnie Bonadeo

For more than 30 years, Bonnie Bonadeo has been connecting people with the power of beauty--most recently through three companies she's launched, The Beauty Agents, Beauty Goorus, and Naked Audience Production.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Sophy Merszei

In 2004, Sophy Merszei was three years into a Ph.D. program in molecular biology at the University of Houston when she took a leap of faith and started NovaLash--today the company distributes products to 38 countries.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Sophia Navarro

When eyelash extension training first became available in the U.S., Sophia Navarro was one of the first professionals to realize the innovation would have a major impact on the future of beauty--now she's one of this industry segment's leaders.

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2013 Enterprising Women: Lina Heath

As Eveline Charles' niece, Lina Heath is being groomed as her successor, but it's not a role that's being handed to her--she's been earning it over the past 18 years by managing and leading nearly every department of the company.


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