Salon Today 200 Application

The application process for the 2014 SALON TODAY 200 is closed. Please check back on June 1, 2014 for the 2015 SALON TODAY 200 downloadable application, online application and more information about next year's contest.


Today's SALON TODAY 200 honors and celebrates the business success of salon and spas, creates a forum where owners can exchange best business practices and establishes important business practices which owners can use to measure their own accomplishments. The SALON TODAY 200 is separated into 11 categories (of which your salon can enter):

Advanced Education: This category features honorees that build the programs that encourage staff members to constantly stretch their technical and creative muscles. Does your salon organize and fund the development of its staff? Does your salon infuse inspiration, creativity and growth opportunities into its business?

Compensation & Benefits: These salons and spas attract newly graduated students and top talent. They know it takes more than a competitive salary to provide rewarding career paths for their staff members.

Customer Service: Of all the management areas, customer service is the one where salons and spas must continually up the ante. Clients seek out these salons and spas that always go above and beyond in creating a memorable experience.

Environmental Sustainability: Are you a green-conscious salon? Do you make strategic decisions that not only better the world around you but strengthen and grow your business?

Philanthropy: When a salon or spa organizes a philanthropic event, it not only shows the community how much it cares, it demonstrates the value of giving back to its staff and clientele. Does your salon donate time, money and talents to establish goodwill?

Planned Profitability: Honorees in this category are awarded for mastering the balance of the budget and are able to not only forecast their profits, but meet those predictions.

Recruitment & Training: These salons and spas lay the foundation for a solid future by selecting and training today's best talent.

Retail & Merchandising: These salons and spas boost their profits by focusing their attention on retail.

Retention & Referral Programs: Does your salon understand the value of client loyalty and do you build programs that reward positive client behavior? The surest way to higher salon and spa profits is buy building client loyalty to the brand and recruiting those clients as brand ambassadors and encouraging them to bring in their friends.

Technology: From iPads in consultations to new technology used around the salon, are you an owner that utilizes the latest technology to drive sales and manage staff? (This does not include social media).

Growth: Salons in this category have grown their businesses at rates of 11 percent or higher.