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Staying in Step with ScholarTips: 5 Questions for Lynelle Lynch

Introduced by Beauty Changes Lives at CosmoProf North America, ScholarTips is bringing the beauty and wellness community together to share tips of treasure and wisdom with the future beauty professionals.  As ScholarTips gains momentum (more than 1M impressions and hundreds of tips shared!), Beauty Changes Lives Foundation President Lynelle Lynch shares how stylists, salons, brands and industry supporters are “tipping” their success forward in this one-on-one interview with SAL

Salon Business News

Tech Start-Up Helps Maximize Salon Gift Card Profits

Gift card sales are projected to top $14 billion in 2017. Is your salon ready to capitalize on its fair share of the profit? CardCodez, an online web application and all-in-one gift card solution allowing consumers to purchase gift cards anytime, anywhere, can make it happen.


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