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BREAKING NEWS! Announcing the 2016 NAHA Winners

The biggest night in hairdressing just wrapped up at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, and the 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards' (NAHA) winners have all been announced!

Did you miss all of the excitement? Don't worry if you didn't catch the show LIVE, you can still watch it On-Demand at

3 Things to Know When Purchasing Liability Insurance (For Hairdressers!)

This morning I woke up so excited! As I sat up in bed I stretched my arms high over my head, took a deep, cleansing breath and thought to myself, “Self, today is the day. Today is the perfect day for us to finally get in a car accident!”

What, you don’t plan your fender benders? (I hope not; planning things like that is highly illegal in all 50 states.) No, let’s not be crazy; no one plans to get into a car accident. But guess what: Car accidents still happen every day.

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Face & Body's Keynote Message is More Than Skin Deep

As a salon professional, when was the last time you had a client sit in the chair and apologize for her appearance?

Do you hear, “Sorry, my roots look terrible,” or “Sorry about my split ends, I should’ve gotten a trim between cuts,” from clients on a regular basis?

Makeup artist and actress, Eva DeVirgilis, hears an apology every time a client sits in her chair.

“Sorry, I look like crap.”
“Sorry, I need to lose weight.”
“I feel old and ugly.”
“Sorry about all these wrinkles.”

Salon Business News

Salon Today 200 Celebrates 20 Years!

Do you remember when you turned 20? It was such an accomplishment to finally enter your adult years, yet you still had a long, bright future to plan and enjoy.

The Salon Today 200, our hallmark salon business competition that recognizes growth and best practices, is turning 20 this coming January, and we’ve got some exciting things planned.


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