Hair stylist Brenda Smith has invented a new method of coloring hair using a transparent applicator that achieves superior colour development due to exposure to oxygen. Clear Visual Developments (CVD) replaces the use of tinfoil when coloring hair, allowing colorists to monitor the change in color through the transparent material that holds the hair in an open loop.

HOW-TO: Stylist Invents New Color Application Methodology

The CVD loop is held in place with a specially designed clip. Product trials have shown that the loops and clips can be reused 50 times without discolouring, tearing or rupturing. The loops, which were developed over a 12-month period in order to determine the ideal micrometer for the loop, are durable and flexible. The CVDs have now been patented. The loops are sized for general and precision color application and trails showed they could be used on all hair types.

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Benefits of the product:

*Quick simple robust application (no folding and sealing or rupturing as per foil)

*Can apply with or without backing board

*Improved oxidation

*No heat acceleration required

*Close to the root application 

*No blotching (there are no folds using CVD's)

*Normal processing time

*Can view color develop on the whole head, improving color development management (CVD's are transparent and therefore offer visibility to the entire color application) 

*Can be used on any length of hair

*Stain free

*Don't stain or rupture

*Easy to clean

*CVD's can be reused many times over (dependent on handling, current tests indicate over 50 times) and therefore offer huge cost savings.


HOW-TO: Stylist Invents New Color Application Methodology HOW-TO: Stylist Invents New Color Application Methodology