Sexy Hair has styled a new mobile app, the “Spray & Play” app, inspired by the brand’s signature Big Sexy Hair volumizing hairspray of the same name.

After downloading the Sexy Hair iTunes  app, users can launch Spray & Play and start having fun with their hairdo:

  1. First take or upload/submit a picture of your face with hair pulled back and away.
  2. Look for the Spray & Play Hairspray icon and either shake phone or tap can to apply hairspray.
  3. Spraying one time will reveal big blown up hair, and a second spray will make the effect even bigger.
  4. You change up your look by choosing different hair color or length.
  5. Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, Email or post to the Sexy Hair Facebook page.

 The “Spray & Play” app is available for download in the Apple app store – currently only compatible for iPhone devices. Search for “SexyHair” and click on the U.S. app with the red Sexy Hair icon.