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June 8th, 2010

BP has announced that they are not accepting hair booms at this time to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill. However, Matter of Trust is still making the hair booms. There are a lot of local communities that still need help and are willing to accept any and all hair booms.

Onesta Hair Care Salons
are partnering with Matter of Trust to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill. Here's a tip they are offering to those who are interested in helping:

*Place a box in the salon where both stylists and clients can see it and become a part of the relief effort. Line the box with a plastic bag. Fill box as full as possible with debris-free hair clippings. When the box is full, bring the liner to your designated drop-off location, replace the liner and re-use the box.

Read updates on Onesta salons participating in the clean up on their Facebook page.

May 24th, 2010

The fight to clean up the oil spill continues. Not only is the Gulf swarming with oil, it has now plastered coastlines along the Southern coast. BP is now planing on plugging the leak by pumping thick, viscous fluid twice the density of water into the site of the leak to stop the flow early Wednesday. However, there still is a lot of damage to clean up. See how beauty industry professionals/salons are helping:

A message from Mary Ellen Rescigno from Rouge Hair Boutique, Sausalito, CA.
There are only two of us at Rouge Hair Boutique, but we have been donating hair to Matter of Trust for a couple of years now.  It became a personal mission when we had two oil spills in a row, one being the San Francisco Cosco Buson oil spill.  We still found oil on the beaches a year later!

In January, I purchased an "Eye Vac" hair vaccum, which makes it even easier to collect the hair and put it directly into a bag; after I have about six bags, I box them up and send them to Matter of Trust.  Interestingly, I'd been saving hair for months and months since the warehouse in San Francisco was full (30,000 lbs. of hair) and I was waiting for a new location.  Instead, I received an e-mail from Matter of Trust instructing me to send it to Alabama for the Gulf clean-up.  

Our clients feel a great sense of pride when we tell them, "Your hair will help to clean up an oil spill", or "Your hair is helping to save the environment".  It brings a smile to their face every time!  I explain the whole process and direct them to the Matter of Trust website or the You Tube video if they are interested in learning more.  Last week, I ordered a poster to display in our window.

I'm very excited that Matter of Trust is getting the attention they deserve; they have been a shining example to all of us.
Urban Roots Salon in Downey, CA

Joining forces to help prevent a looming ecological disaster, Urban Roots Salon, located in Downey, CA, has joined Matter of Trust in cleaning up the massive oil spill.  Together with the help of local Downey community members and their salon clients, Urban Roots Salon is holding a special Cut-A-Thon on Sunday, May 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to collect hair clippings, nylon stockings and cash donations which will be donated to Matter of Trust.
Ratner Companies

Ratner Companies, parent company of close to 1,000 Hair Cuttery, Bubbles and Salon Cielo salons, is devoted to its partnership with “Matter of Trust,” an environmental non-profit organization to clean up the Gulf oil spill. Ratner is collecting tens of thousands of pounds of hair by the truckloads from their salons across the country. Ratner is taking the largest initiative on a national basis by relying on all of their family owned salons to contribute to this vital cause.

"We at Ratner Companies are continuing our passionate efforts to protect the environment by being part of this nation-wide effort to help contain this devastating oil spill,” said Dennis Ratner, Founder and CEO of Ratner Companies.  ”Our caring stylists and clients are committed to making a difference in their communities and have shown an overwhelming amount of support for our hair collection program,” said Ratner.  “The hair we collect will be used to make thousands and thousands of hair  mats and hair booms and will mitigate the damage created by this terrible eco-disaster.” 

May 18th, 2010

The rush to send extra hair clippings to the Gulf continues nationwide. Salons everywhere are filling boxes of hair and sending them to Matter of Trust, an organization that takes the hair and will in turn create hair mats and hair booms to soak up oil from the spill. I am currently receiving many messages about salons, owners, hair stylists etc. that are contributing to this cause. Thank you for sending your messages about your stories.

Here's an update on what your fellow beauty peers are doing:

*On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, Salon Hazelton’s employee, Valerie, found the "Hair Cleans up Oil Spills" video on the America's Beauty Show facebook page that came from matteroftrust.org. Within 24 hours, they had a used cardboard box with a plastic bag and a sign attached to it that read: "This hair is recycled into mats that naturally collect oil spills from the oceans." Salon Hazelton is an Aveda Concept Salon with two locations and they are on their second box of collecting hair. “We are very excited to be able to donate every bit of the hair from our hair cuts from both of our locations,” says Jill Gears, manager of Salon Hazelton. “Our clients are as happy and excited about our hair collection as we are!

*Assistant manager and hair stylist, Victoria Nolasco of Hair Fusion in Bakersfield, California heard about collecting hair for the Gulf and went straight into action. “Our three stores here along with our owner, Jennifer Cecero got together and started saving hair to help. We are trying to stay green and help our environment in any way we can,” says Nolasco.

*Debby & C. Hair Studio Ltd.
in Grayslake, IL says: “We, along with our clients, are so happy to be able to help even though we are so far away. It is a great way to stay involved!”

*Look and see what the Aveda Institute in South Florida is doing with Matter of Trust:

 *Michael Angelo Rizzi
and Anthony Bellapigna, owners of Michael Angelo Hair Studio located in Tampa, Florida have been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox News and Bay News 9 for their relief efforts. Together with the help of south Tampa community members and salon clients, Michael Angelo Hair Studio is collecting hair clippings so they can be made into oil spill cleanup mats and containment booms.

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story! If you would like to donate, visit www.matteroftrust.org.

May 12th, 2010

News on new salons that are contributing to help clean up the Gulf oil spill. See what they have to say to you!

 (Credit: matteroftrust.org) Everyone can help contribute to clean up the Gulf oil spill!

The Edge on Central Salon and Spa in Baltimore, MD
is helping donate hair to clean up the Gulf oil spill.
Salon Lofts
With six salons and over 100 stylists in Tampa Bay, Salon Lofts will join forces with 350 of its Columbus, OH stylists to coordinate hair collection by any salon or individual interested in participating. Each of Salon Loft’s (www.salonlofts.com) locations will have a receptacle where hair can dropped off between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday–Friday. Salon Lofts will then coordinate the pickup and shipment to Matter of Trust, the national organization spearheading the program.  www.salonlofts.com/stores.
Sanibel Beauty Salon is a drop off location.
“I can vouch for Pure Aveda and On The Green Salon and many more salons that have donated hair and nylons! Keep it coming, and thank you everyone!” —MaryAnne Banta

Sanibel Beauty Salon is located at:
2330 Palm Ridge Road
Sanibel, FL 33957
(239) 472-1111
“I have a hair studio in Oakville, Ontario. We along with several salons in the GTA have joined forces with a company called, Green Circles Salons where we donate hair and they collect it. They are in the process of sending 1,000 lbs of hair collected from participating salons. The contact there is:

Shane Sprice – sprice@greencircleideas.ca
(416)-579-3142, www.greencirclesalons.ca

“I believe the more we all pitch to help with this major disaster the better. Hair stylists in Canada care enough to help lend our support.” —Tom Ormerod, studioph.ca
Cutting Times Edge Salon in Sicklerville, NJ
“Our staff is excited to be a part, and our clients are too. We sent an e-blast out to our existing clientele and the response was so heart warming. One cut at a time makes a difference in the clean up of this disaster. We have never been prouder to be salon professionals. Everyone really needs to get on board. They need us!”
Biago Salon and Spa in Clarksville, MD,
just sent out their first shipment to help clean up the Gulf oil spill. If you mention Matter of Trust to them you will receive 10 percent off of your hair cut!
Planet Cosmo Inc.
“Planet Cosmo Salon in Ocala, FL, is collecting hair for the Gulf oil spill and wants to let everyone know that the commercial fishing has been affected as well. Try to think of all who will be affected and make a positive impact by our actions!” —Cosmo Easterly

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story!
If you would like to donate, visit www.matteroftrust.org.

May 10th, 2010

Many of MODERN’s readers are gathering together to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill. Here’s what your beauty peers are saying!

Soundbite’s from salons that are collecting hair clippings:

Shear Success in Colmar, PA
Shear Success in Downingtown, PA

“I have two salons in the state of Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. We are collecting nylons and pantyhose and sending them to matteroftrust.org.  We are proud to be part of this effort. We have contacted our local newspapers and radio stations to help us raise awareness and to help us with our efforts. According to A Matter of Trust, China has been recycling hair for over 3,000 years.  It is a wonderful natural resource and as we all know from being teenagers, hair absorbs oil!” —Jill Stagg, owner of Shear Success Salons

JD Michel Salon in Fenton, MI
“What a Beautiful thing it is coming together to help out.” —Steven West of JD Michel Salon

Salon W in Oklahoma City, OK
“When we first heard about the oil spill we knew that we could help. We are working with a great charity as well to get the hair where it needs to go! We are offering through the month of May to anyone that wants a haircut for a cause, 50 percent off of their haircut! Our oceans need you and your hair! We are all a very excited group to be able to help anyway we can!” —Jennifer Bass, owner of Salon W

Salon Bugatti, The Woodlands, TX
“We have been saving and donating hair clippings to the effort for over a week now. Our customers are thrilled to know that such a simple thing can be used for such a great cause.” —Raymond Haley, Salon Bugatti

The Mane Door Hair Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“I want to say to all hair stylists and owners: talk about what you are doing within your salon. Saturday I was talking to my client about the effort and another client was listening to our conversation. She asked if they take all kinds of hair, I said, ‘Yes, tell your dog groomers about this and any farmers that have hair or fur.’ She said they are sheep farmers and have a barn FULL of sheep's wool that they can't sell because the market is so low.  So they are donating all of this wool to Matters of Trust.  Just to show how the word of mouth is still very powerful.  The more we talk about it and e-mail to others, the news gets out.” —Barbara Christen, owner of The Mane Door Hair Studio

YOU Salon in Ellicott City, MD
“Our salon is coordinating about 10 to 12 salons and schools in our area for the oil spill donation. We will be packing and mailing the boxes of hair on or about the 17th of May.” —Robin Gribbin of YOU Salon

Naked Hair Salon, Delray Beach, FL
On May 16th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this salon will offer their services for a fundraiser to help support the South Florida Haiti Project. Hair clippings will be donated to make mats for oil spills.

Atelier SalonSpa and Atelier Studio, Santana Row, CA
"When we found out that something we are just throwing away every day could make such a big difference in that environment, we went into action right away. We love telling our guests they are also helping to clean up the oil spill, just by having their hair cut. One of our guests even asked us how many inches will it take to save a bird!" —Karie Bennet, owner of Atelier SalonSpa and Atelier Studio

Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body in Saratoga Springs, NY
“Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body is calling on all salons to set aside a designated box and/or boxes lined with a plastic garbage bag, and collect all clean cut hair. Brooklyn Attitude has joined the list of salons donating hair towards the Gulf spill, helping decontaminate water ways, prevent soil erosion, and create green jobs.” —Glenn and MaryAnne Guerriero, owners of Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body

On the Green Salon & Day Spa
This salon was featured in their local newspaper, The Florida Times Union: Click here to see article.

Sport Clips
Today, Sport Clips is asking its 690 stores to gather the hair that’s vacuumed up throughout the day and package it for use by Matter of Trust, an organization that makes oil-soaking mats and booms from hair and fur.

“Approximately two pounds of clippings are collected in each of our stores daily. We look forward to this donated hair making a positive impact by helping to generate products that will clean up leftover oil,” says Gordon Logan, Sport Clips founder and CEO. “Team members from stores across the country are letting us know they are ready to pitch in on this effort.”

At the end of the day, participating Sport Clips stores will box up the collected hair and ship it to pre-arranged sites, according to Logan. The company is known for its philanthropic work at the local and national level; however, Logan says this is the first time in its 15-year franchise history that oil spill cleanup has been at the heart of a company effort.

Studio Mantra in Eugene, Oregon  
“We are contributing our hair clippings to Matter of Trust. I am glad they are finally getting the recognition for this great contribution. I am thrilled to let our clients know they are also contributing to cleaning up the Gulf.” —Gwynne McLaughlin, Studio Mantra.

Jón Alan Salons
“We are so happy to have information on how we can continue making good use of our cut hair.  The Gulf is where we all vacation regularly and our Aveda distributor, Neill Corporation is located in Louisiana, so this is a serious concern to us and a cause we are passionate about supporting.”—Jón Snetman of Jón Alan Salons

Brittany’s Spa Salon, Jacksonville FL

Joining forces to help prevent ecological disasters, Brittany’s Spa Salon of Jacksonville, Florida has been a member of Matter of Trust, an ecological public charity that aids in oil spill cleanup, for over two years. With the help of the Jacksonville community and their salon clients, Brittany’s Spa Salon is collecting hair clippings, which will then be donated to Matter of Trust, so that they may be made into oil spill cleanup mats and containment booms. Brittany Molina, owner of Brittany’s Spa Salon, states, “All excess hair clippings from our salon are being stored to help aid in disaster relief such as the current spill that is threatening our local waters.”

Capri College’s School of Cosmetology
See how they are helping out! Click here to see!

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story!
If you would like to donate, visit www.matteroftrust.org.

May 7th, 2010
Pure Aveda Salonspa

Pure Aveda Salonspa in Mount Dora, Florida shipped 70 pounds of hair clippings to the Gulf Coast the in first wave of donations to Matter of Trust being received to help with the BP Oil Spill cleanup.

“As a FAB PRO Green Conscious Certified business, partnering with Matter of Trust is a natural solution for us to re-purpose hair clippings, and a safe, non-toxic, and effective way to participate in the Gulf Spill cleanup,” say Michele and Ric Wilson, owners of Pure Aveda Salonspa. “Our salon guests love knowing that their hair is doing something to help.”

Helping to clean up the BP Oil Spill. Some of the tribe at Pure Aveda Salonspa shows what 70 pounds of hair really looks like. We shipped all this to the Florida Gulf Coast to be made into oil absorbing hair mats and booms by "Matter of Trust". 
Interesting Fact: A pound of hair can absorb one quart of oil in one minute, and hair mats can be wrung out and reused up to 100 times.

Your hair cut can be a lifesaver!
Hair Sausages, donated hair clippings that are stuffed into nylon oil containment booms are laid along the beach to soak up the oil threatening coastlines off the Gulf of Mexico. 

Donors from every state in the US, from Canada and beyond are sending in hair, fur and wool clippings as well as nylons and funding for outer mesh. Boom B Q's (boom making parties) are cropping up all over the Gulf and now in other states as well. The booms will be stored in donated temporary warehouse spaces all up and down the Gulf Coast.
Pure Aveda Salonspa will continue to collect hair clippings for a second wave of donations and has also set up a nylons donation point at its location in downtown Mount Dora. The community is encouraged to participate by going to get a haircut and bringing along a pair of used, clean pantyhose with you for donation (runs are okay). Pure Aveda Salonspa is located at 206 West Fifth Avenue in Mount Dora. pureaveda.com

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story!

May 7th, 2010

St. Louis Ginger Bay Salon & Spa

St. Louis’s Ginger Bay Salon & Spa, owned by Laura A. Ortmann and Jeffrey N. Evenson, is responding to the massive oil spill in the Gulf by participating in a program with Matter of Trust.

To help with the collection of hair and shipping costs, Ginger Bay has partnered with two local businesses who expressed a desire to participate in the clean-up efforts. Cliff Roberts with Always Green Recycling is providing additional collection bins to Ginger Bay, which will be solely designated to collect the clippings. Goin Postal, located in Rock Hill, MO and owned by Jeanne Desmond, has agreed to contribute to the cause by providing a reduced shipping rate on each box of hair that is collected.

 Hair clippings can be woven into absorbent hair mats

“We are facing one of the worst environmental disasters of our lifetime and our team always finds a way to support these much needed efforts. Instead of writing a check, it is satisfying to know our team can donate a natural resource to help another natural resource,” says Ortmann. Ironically, Ginger bay recently raised nearly $3,000 during Earth Month to benefit The Audubon Society and clean water efforts.

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story!

May 7th, 2010
Paris Parker Salons

Neil Corporation
is joining salons across the nation by collecting hair from all nine of its Paris Parker Salons in Louisiana for “hair mats” that will be used to soak up the infiltrating oil from the Gulf.

"Clean water is an important focus for us in the salon industry. During April, the entire Aveda network
raised money for clean water rights—and it has always been a guiding principle for us at Paris Parker to contribute to social and environmental causes,” said Debra Neill Baker, corporate chairman. “What
better way to do this than by supporting something to help offset the terrible consequences of this oil
spill disaster—it's right in our back yard, and it involves hair—something that we have plenty of."

If you are a salon, stylist, manufacturer, or distributor that is contributing to clean up the oil spill, we
want to hear from you. E-mail lsalapatek@vancepublishing.com, and tell us your story!

May 7th, 2010

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, donate to those affected by the oil spill.

As we continue to watch the disastrous impact of the BP Horizon oil catastrophe, the children and families of Gulf Coast mothers—fishermen, indigenous people, and residents—are struggling to make ends meet. Parents are struggling to even feed their families after their livelihoods have been abruptly terminated by the impacts of the spill.

The Gulf's ecosystems, wetlands, and marine life are at risk. Similarly, the fragile economic and green recovery of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is at risk from this tragedy.

This Mother’s Day help support Global Green and the Mothers of the Gulf Coast—as well as Mother Earth—by making a donation to their Gulf Oil Spill Response. You can even dedicate the gift to your mother, or another loved one. Click here to do this.

May 6th, 2010
Matter of Trust

Thousands of pounds of hair are coming in via UPS and FED EX from everywhere in the United
States to help clean up the Gulf oil spill. Salons nationwide are collecting, boxing, and shipping
hair clippings, swept off their floors, to Matter of Trust charities in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
and Florida. When collected, the organization takes the fibers and they are either stuffed into booms
or woven into hair mats.

Byron Cleary holds up oil soaked hair mat at San Francisco, Cosco Busan Oil Spill.
Oil booms wrap around the South pass of the Mississippi River on May 4.

In response to the oil spill, Matter of Trust has released an educational video on YouTube that
shows the journey of hair clippings from the salon to the sea. The video shows piles of boxes at
Matter of Trust’s charity warehouse in San Francisco, how booms are used, and a brief segment
that shows HOW the hair mats sop up oil. (To watch the link click here.)

According to the Chicago Tribune, the oil rig that exploded on April 20 has been spewing at least
210,000 gallons of crude oil per day into the Gulf for the past two weeks. Currently, Matter of Trust
members are diligently collecting hair and hundreds of volunteers are having Boom B Q parties
where they’re making the booms.

This graphic released by the U.S. Coast Guard details where the 5,000 barrels of oil per day are said to be leaking.

Matter of Trust’s mission is to link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems.
They mimic how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles and provides access to necessities
in abundance. They concentrate on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-education programs.

Thousands of people are signing up to their database program, Excess Access, to help contribute
to the cause. When you sign up, the database will assign you where to send the hair, fur, waste
wool clippings and used nylons for making booms. Stylists around the country are realizing that
hair can be an efficient renewable resource for collecting and containing petroleum spills.

"The U.S. has over 300,000 hair salons and each one cuts an average of a pound of hair per day. By
joining our relief effort and signing up for our donor program, your salon will help us make a
difference in the ecosystem and to help prevent further damage from oil spills that continue to
aggressively destroy coastal waterways," say representatives at Matter of Trust. For information visit MatterOfTrust.org.

 People in the Philippines donating hair.
San Francisco Cosco Busan Oil Spill Cleanup

Did you know?
There are on average 2,600 oil spills each year.
There is on average 726 million gallons of oil spilled annually.
363 million gallons of motor oil is washed into oceans each year.
50 percent of the oil in our waterways is from households illegally dumping used motor oil.
ONE QUART of oil can contaminate 1 MILLION GALLONS of drinking water.

 A hermit crab crawls past an oil boom on Breton Island off the coast of Louisiana. Credit: CNN.com
  A dead shark is washed ashore in Ship Island, Mississippi as result of the Gulf oil spill. Credit: CNN.com
  From AP: An injured sea turtle rests in a tub at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi, Saturday, May 1, 2010. The institute is gearing up to help marine mammals that may be injured by the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: CNN.com
 Sea turtle placed on hair mat

And….300,000 pounds of hair and fur are cut daily in the US… imagine if all of that hair was donated,
how much sea life would be saved…

Statistics from EPA and Smithsonian Institute.






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