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Owners: Catherine and Rick Hanson

Worldwide Salon Marketing’s FREE
online videos reveal how their ‘done-for-
you’ direct response marketing templates
have helped 3,257 salons double,
even triple their bookings and retail
sales. Log onto

Why we’re different: Most so-called
salon marketing ‘experts’ feed salon owners
myths and nonsense about typical ‘branding’
style advertising that costs big money with no
measurable results. From Worldwide Salon
Marketing you’ll only get ads, fliers, and
other ‘direct response’ templates and advice
that gets results instantly.

How we work: Every member of our
‘inner circle’ marketing and mentoring
program gets the world-famous Essential
Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit, complete
with literally hundreds of proven direct-response
ad and marketing templates, in
hard copy and on CD. Plus, one-on-one
coaching every week on the phone, with
support and guidance on how to get the
best results from those templates. Plus,
access to Members Only ‘sealed section’
website, with its constantly-updated
templates, feedback from other member
salons, and access to the forums where
members can help each other out with
questions and answers.

Our advice: “For too long, salon owners
have stumbled around in the dark, with
nobody to turn to for advice on hard-nosed
marketing that’s effective, that’s efficient, that’s
easy to implement, that any salon owner can
understand…and that actually works.”

2011 wisdom: “Our minimum ‘benchmark’
for new members of the Inner Circle program
is that they literally double their sales in 2011.
Most do it faster and bigger than that.”