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By Lauren Salapatek | 02/07/2011 3:02:16 PM


Inspiring Champions is a business training and coaching company working in the professional salon and beauty industry. Founded by Lauren Gartland (photo to the left), Inspiring Champions has a team of coaches who have worked with thousands of beauty professionals over the years to literally transform their businesses and their lives.

Team coaching is offered for groups who work together in a salon or spa; individual coaching is offered for solo technicians or owners; partner coaching is offered for co-owners of a business, and the Inspiring Champions Soaring Eagles program is offered for individuals who want to participate in group coaching.

One-on-one individualized coaching for salon and day spa owners is their most common program. Debra Hanson, a former salon owner and service provider, worked in the industry for 28 years before becoming a certified business coach. “It is common for our clients to be service providers who have become owners,” she relays. “They may not have had a lot of education or experience in business training. There are many common challenges we consistently see, including the need to analyze compensation structures, to review their team members, to retool their salon and spa systems and to become successful leaders for their teams.”

A typical coaching series will begin with some financial basics. With a coach’s help, owners identify challenges as well as growth areas and then work to create a plan. Cash flow is always analyzed first, as well as the compensation plan. Coaches look at whether an owner needs to recruit new team members, or restructure existing ones. Coach Oscar Valencia, Jr. notes, “Business acumen accounts for 85 percent of the success a salon or spa will achieve, while technical ability will only account for 15 percent. Professionals working in this industry tend to have an artistic, creative mindset and very often their business education is lacking. We find they tend to make business decisions based on emotion rather than facts.”

While many of the coaching methodologies remain constant for every business, Inspiring Champions coaching programs are tailored specifically for the individual clients. Coach Lance Courtney says, “By thoroughly identifying the culture of the salon or spa and creating open communication for all the team members, we discover the roadblocks the business is encountering and work to resolve and remove them.” Those roadblocks can include everything from common challenges like implementing salon systems on retailing, booking appointments, front desk operation and customer service to communication skills and interpersonal problems within the business.

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