Summit Salon Business Center

| 800-718-5949 or 763-478-9787 | [email protected]

Owners: Glenn Baker, Heather Bagby, Michael Cole, Dave Kirby, Randy Kunkel, Sharon Kunkel, Peter Mahoney,
Galvin Salsbery and Kristi Valenzuela

Summit Salon Business Center

Summit Salon Salon Business Center
(SSBC) helps salon and spa owners by
introducing business practices that tap
into the hearts of the service providers
by increasing their personal income,
and therefore the bottom-line of the
salon company utilizing our proprietary
Summit Level System.

Why we’re different: SSBC is
committed to improving the beauty industry
“one person at a time” by “passing it on”
so that our industry will be strong and
prosperous for generations to come.

How we work:
Summit Salons are
made up of more than
2,500 graduates of
SSBC’s cornerstone
program, The Summit. SSBC is the
world’s largest salon seminar, training and
consulting company. We offer in-salon and
phone consulting. Prices range between
$200 and $2,000 depending on the amount
of time and travel. SSBC offers detailed
owner/manager tools to help you manage
money and plan for growth. Central to
these tools are Budget Guidelines and
a Succession Ownership/Shareholder
System. Our service provider Level Systems
are specific to each department in the
salon. The Level System also provides an
associate program which is a critical feature
designed to help new service providers
come up to speed in amazing windows of
time. In addition to consulting, you may
attend The Summit or Money Matters, our
cornerstone programs.

Catch us in: Tampa, FL, Feb 13-16, March
13-16, March 27-30, April 17-20, May 15-18,
Oct. 2-5 or November 6-9; in Seattle, WA,
June 12-15 or Sept. 11-14; in Minneapolis,
MN, July 10-13; in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
August 14-17; in Orlando, FL, March 6-9 or
October 23-26; and in Chicago, IL, August
10-13 or August 21-24.

Our advice: “Be in the business of
growing people for a living.”

2011 wisdom: “2011 is back to basics—
growing service providers, retaining clients
and efficiently managing cash flow.”