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Smooth and Straightforward
On the menu: Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment
Target client: Anyone who seeks sleeker, more manageable hair
Innovations: Customized Texture Management

Do the math*
If you or your salon performs an average of six treatments per week and charges $200-$450 per treatment, then: Your potential increase in gross revenue could be:

• $200-$450 per Simply Smooth Treatment
• 6 treatments/week
• $1,200-$2,700/week x 52 weeks = $62,400-$140,400/year

Keratin hair smoothing has
exploded as a top-selling salon service
category in just three years.
In an effort to comply with standards,
Simply Smooth puts every
batch of product through independent
lab testing and openly
provides stylists and clients
with straight facts about the
chemistry. Simply Smooth gives
clients a full range of longevity
and frizz and curl reduction

“When marketed properly,
this product is for anyone
who comes into the
salon,” says Doreen Guarneri,
Simply Smooth co-creator. “It’s
not like a chemical straightener,
because the client
still can style her hair
straight or curly, but now it will be humidity-resistant.
The hair and the curl will stay calmer.”

Don’t Miss This

Simply Smooth’s fastest-growing service is Color
Lock, which doubles as a keratin treatment and clear
gloss for hair color clients. No extra booking time
is necessary, and Color Lock is a great way to introduce
clients to the benefits of keratin smoothing.
Or, make the introduction through either of Simply
Smooth’s two take-home keratin treatments.

Trend Alert

“We’ve taken a stance on keratin treatments,” says
Louis Guarneri, co-creator of Simply Smooth. “We
will email you certification from an outside lab. Every
company should let stylists and clients know what
they’re breathing.”

* Example is for illustration purposes only. Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer or salon. Actual results may vary. Not all products or offers available in all areas.

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