Service Spotlight: Mama Mio Skincare's Mama's TouchYummy Tummy

Carrying a baby is stressful—both mentally
and physically. Those nine months may have moms-to-
be wanting to check out of reality and into a spa.
Mama Mio makes pampering and relaxation possible
with their exclusive skin salvation program: Mama Mio
Skincare’s Mama’s Touch. Offered at over 300 spas
worldwide, the Mama’s Touch includes four different
treatments: The Yummy Tummy, Lighten Up, Mellow
Mama and 4th Trimester Healing Hour. Out of the
four, SALON TODAY investigated the Yummy Tummy
service, which helps replenish the hydration, elasticity
and omegas that the baby borrows when developing.
Where it’s at: Visit to find a spa near you.

Description: An omega-rich facial for the tummy
combined with a relaxing upper back, neck and head
massage. This combination treatment begins with an
application of Gravida Pulse Point Oil and gentle skin
brushing to increase circulation, then exfoliation to
improve the tonicity of the skin. A concentrated serum
and deep treatment mask are applied to soothe and
moisturize the abdomen. The service also offers a gentle
face and head massage which releases cranial and jaw
tension followed by a deep neck and shoulder massage
to ease the client of the stresses associated with
pregnancy as the Intensive Tummy Stretch-ease Serum
and mask take effect.

Benefits: Improves strength and elasticity of skin,
stimulates cell regeneration and helps heal and prevent
stretch marks.

How it’s different:
This is a facial for your
tummy, because it’s your
tummy that needs the
attention to maximize
skin strength, health and

Who performs it: A
Mama Mio trained
massage therapist.

Length of Service: 1
hour and 15 minutes

Cost of service: Varies