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Jeff Paul
WHERE IT'S AT: Denny Kemp Salon Spa ( in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeff Paul an ethetician/massage therapist at Denny Kemp and an educator for Satin Smooth, offers some advice about this eyebrow-raising service:

“Our salon uses a variety of Satin Smooth hard waxes, such as Men’s Titanium Blue Thin Film, Wild Cherry with Vitamin E, Calendula Gold with Tea Tree Oil and Citrus Mojito Thin Film. Hard waxes are very versatile and forgiving because you can remove the hair at awkward angles.”

COST FOR THE SERVICE:  $50 (which includes the choice of wax)

BEFORE THE PROCEDURE: “I advise clients not to consume alcohol or caffeine before the service. Drinking a cup of coffee before can increase acidity, sensitivity and blood flow, so people tend to turn redder. Taking an antacid can help reduce the acidity in the body. I advise clients to freshen up before they come so they are more comfortable. They should not wear anything tight and should have at least a quarter-inch of body hair before waxing—that takes about four weeks time for most people.”

APPLICATION: “It’s not a service for the shy or faint of heart,” Kemp says. “I console with my clients before the procedure to get a really clear consultation. First, we spray a ‘before product’ called RES-Q Analgesic Numbing Spray which desensitizes the area prior to waxing. Second, we cleanse the area with Satin Cleanser Skin Preparation Cleanser and then the hard wax is applied. For an ‘after-product,’ we use Satin Cool Aloe Vera Skin Soother and Res-Q Analgesic Numbing Cream. The before and after products both include 4% lidocaine—for soothing purposes.”

TIMELINE OF PROCEDURE: 30 to 45 minutes

15 to 20 men per month.

TARGET MARKET: “Previously, younger men between the ages of 20 and 30 were getting the procedure done. Now the age range is creeping more toward middle age men as well.”






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