Intuitive Energy Healers

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Where it’s at: Ruby Room in Chicago (

Description on menu: If you are stressed, filled with anxiety, find yourself stuck in negative relationships—it takes its toll on your energy and ability to adapt to the stressors of daily life. Intuitive Readings by Ruby Room’s Intuitive Energy Healers explore where the source of this stagnant energy is stored. Once you understand the core or root of your stressors you can begin to make positive change.

How it is performed: The client, sits face-to-face where the Intuitive Energy Healer taps into the client’s energy and chakras, reads it and brings forth information that can help the client gain clarity and perspective. The Intuitive Energy Healer may use tools such as guidance cards to get enhanced detail on any given situation. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and take notes so they may begin to see how the information plays out in their life after the session.

How much it costs: $55/30 min $100/60 min $150/90 min

How many appointments are made each month: Between 250-275 Intuitive Readings a month. Approximately 32-36 percent of those appointments are repeat clients.

Salon’s profit of service: “We charge $100 per hour and our commission scale is the same as our spa practitioners,” says Kate Leydon, owner of Ruby Room. “The expenses of providing these services are obviously lower. The trade off is you do need to build out or designate space that honors the work and that is not a typical spa setting. You need to be devoted to these services for them to be successful in a spa environment.”

How it’s marketed: “Most of our growth is due to word of mouth,” Leydon says. “Once a client finds a great Intuitive, they tend to tell all their friends and family. We have a floor completely devoted to our energy and intuitive services. It is the core of our brand and all of our traditional services are infused with the practices of intuition and energy healing. Ruby Room is a true experience from the products we offer to the services we provide.”

Kate Leydon, owner of Chicago’s Ruby Room.






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