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A cross-country look at the spa services that make menus sing.


Extreme Updo

WHERE: Salon Ya Ya in Nashville, TN (
OWNERS: Marilyn and David Lipsey
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: It’s listed as “Updo/Styling,” but it’s avant garde.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “We’re able to provide something unusual for people on their way to a dance party, a club or a music venue where they want to stand out,” say the Lipseys. “With Nashville’s huge music scene, a lot of people need unique looks whether it’s for an album cover shoot or personal appearance. For our staff, it’s a winner because it keeps our artistry alive.”
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 45 minutes if clients come in with clean hair.
PRODUCTS USED: Redken and Pureology
WHO PERFORMS IT: Hair stylist
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “We do fashion shows where people see our work, and we do a lot of models who spread the word,” say the Lipseys.
UPSELL OPP: Make-up services, hair products
PRICE: $55-$75 depending on the stylist’s level

Chemistry System Treatment

WHERE: Finesse Spa Salon in Ames, IA (
OWNER: Meredith Miller, Andrea Kneifl, Linda Lohman, Dawn Walstrom, Mandy Fjelland, Jenny Veale
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: A 15- minute hair treatment.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “It provides instant results, lasts for nine shampoos, maintains the color and keeps hair shiny and in good condition,” says Miller.
PRODUCTS USED: Redken Chemistry System Treatments custom-blended for each hair type.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Hair stylist
HOW IT’S MARKETED: In-salon marketing as an upsell that stylists present to clients.
UPSELL OPP: Retail that supports the service between appointments.
PRICE: $17

INOA Hair Coloring Service

WHERE: Laurentius Salon in Philadelphia, PA (
OWNER: Laurentius Purnama
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Ammoniafree permanent color
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “INOA keeps the integrity of the hair fiber. The result is undeniably gorgeous, shiny and silky hair,” says Purnama. “After eight to nine applications the hair will go back to the state of virgin hair. The color stays vibrant, there’s no fading or unpleasant odor. ”
PRODUCTS USED: INOA L’Oréal Professionnel
WHO PERFORMS IT: Master colorist
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “Our beauty philosophy in our salon is: ‘Healthy hair is beautiful hair.’ INOA has been the best tool for us to use on our fashionable clientele who enjoy having the most modern look without compromising the condition of their hair,” says Purnama.
UPSELL OPP: Baliage and Color Blocking.
PRICE: Starts at $75
AVERAGE NUMBER OF SERVICES SOLD PER MONTH: “For the past eight months we have been using INOA. 80 percent of our existing clients have switched to INOA—and they absolutely love it,” says Purnama.


Herbal Garden Treatment

WHERE: The Spa at Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH (
OWNER: Omni Mount Washington Resort
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: This 75-minute interactive experience begins with exploring the garden and discussing the benefits of each herb with a therapist. You then choose a combination of herbs for a customized treatment that best suits your needs. While you get settled in, the therapist mixes the chosen herbs into a sugar scrub to create a full-body exfoliating balm. After applying the mixture to the body, the scrub remains on the skin while a mud mask layer is applied on top. You are then wrapped in a large, heated bath sheet, enabling the pores to open and the mixture to detoxify the body. As this cleansing process is taking place, the therapist massages the scalp with an herb-infused oil, also created from the property grounds. Finally, after being unwrapped and rinsed in the en-suite shower, the herbal oil is applied to your full body.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “The treatment is an educational experience where the guest can intuitively pick which herb they want to use in their treatment,” says Spa Director Libby Staples. “We are all about sustainability here and this experience is all about looking at the mind body and spirit combined.”
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 75-minute treatment, which can be expanded with a 50-minute massage
PRODUCTS USED: “The specific herb chosen will be mixed into the exfoliation process. We also use sea salt and sugar for the scrub. We use organic oils and a warm mud mask.”
WHO PERFORMS IT: Esthetician or massage therapist.
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “We market on our website and through the hotel,” says Staples.
UPSELL OPP: Massages and facials
PRICE: $160; $285 for an optional 50-minute massage

Full Body Tuning
WHERE: Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, VT (
OWNER: Stoweflake Mountain Resort
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: An intuitive exploration of the ‘body mind’ through sound and dialogue. This unique treatment reveals the patterns of emotional and environmental frequencies and the original blueprint of the body’s natural harmony. Sound waves bring the body into deep alignment, allowing pain, tension and anxiety to slip away. Enjoy greater self-awareness and an enlightening sense of profound rejuvenation.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: According to Spa Director Samantha Johnson, “When clients get this treatment, it balances their chakras. Over time people’s chakras get imbalanced and this can cause disease, emotional disturbances, physical problems—any kind of ailment. The sound therapy rebalances and puts your body back into homeostasis. You are not getting any kind of physical manipulation during this therapy.”
LENGTH OF SERVICE: “80 minutes for first service. It takes about four treatments for your body to be completely balanced. After that, clients can choose to do tuneups here and there,” says Johnson.
PRODUCTS USED: Tuning forks. “Each tuning fork has a different frequency depending upon the feeling in your body. Our sound healer may use a crystal over a specific spot to run a deeper frequency through the area,” says Johnson.
WHO PERFORMS IT: “Eileen Mckusick, our sound healer. She reads each client and decides which sound frequencies fit their needs,” says Johnson.
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “We market with our Ayurveda Wellness Center. Our sound healer also does a lot of demonstrations and was featured on a local radio show,” she continues.
UPSELL OPP: The Natural Harmony Day Spa Package, Shirodhara Therapy or the Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment.
PRICE: $185 for 80 minutes, $240 for 110 minutes.

Ultimate Vino Excursion
WHERE: Body Restoration Spa in Philadelphia, PA (
OWNER: Cara Solomon
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Unwind with our signature Chardonnay Massage. Purify the back with the oil-absorbing Bentonite Back Treatment. Hydrate the hands and feet with our grape seed infused paraffi n hand and foot dip. Experience the spectacular anti-aging Vino Radiance Facial.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “You get to experience the benefi ts of antioxidants in a few ways—in either a facial massage or body treatment. Clients can bring home a bottle of Pinot Grigio wine to enjoy later on. We partnered with the largest winery in Pennsylvania—Chaddsford Winery—and clients of this treatment can take a tour,” says Solomon. “Vino Excursion has microbials that help to fi ght any free radical that comes from sunlight, smoke or pollution.”
PRODUCTS USED: “We use Bentonite on the back facial, grape seed oil, black cherry oil, holly oil and merlot exfoliating puree,” says Solomon.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapists or estheticians
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “On our spa’s website and we partner with the winery to attract wine lovers.”
UPSELL OPP: Waxing PRICE: $285


Rainforest Rejuvenation Room

WHERE: The Spa at Old Edwards Inn in the Highlands, NC (
OWNER: Art Williams
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: In our exotic, ornately tiled steam chamber, you will embark on a journey of aroma and color light therapy. An arrangement of cleansing scrubs and detoxifying mud will be presented to you with which you will perform a ceremony that includes self-application to produce glowing skin. The rainforest room will produce intermittent steam and a rain-shower rinse with pulse point water massage.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “It’s different than other services because it’s self-application,” says Spa Director Kyra Russell. “There are people who don’t like to have services from others but want to experience spa; it gives us an edge that we can cover in another way. The steam room is good for your respiratory system and we add oils that help guide rejuvenation. It also has color therapy going on the entire time. The colors—incorporating the entire rainbow spectrum—softly move from one color to another. It’s very pleasant and very relaxing on a selfconscious level.”
PRODUCTS USED: “We bring in an entire tray of products: scrubs from Napa Valley, Ahava Mud from the Dead Sea which mineralizes and nourishes the skin, different Napa Valley and JAMU shower gels and Phyto hair care (shampoo and conditioner),” says Russell.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Self-serving
HOW IT’S MARKETED: Word of mouth, spa’s website and menu.
UPSELL OPP: The Couple’s Massage
PRICE: Room for one or two, $85 per person.


WHERE: Yelo Spa in New York, NY (
OWNER: Nicholas Ronco
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: The YeloNap is our proprietary version of the power nap. It may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with a Yelo Reflexology or massage treatment to balance, heal and energize your body and mind. Emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go. Your session takes place in a cocoon-like treatment room called the YeloCab where you customize your aromatherapy, sound and lighting. Lay back in the zero gravity experience YeloChair where your knees are lifted above your chest allowing your heart rate to slow down.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “In today’s world, we are always connected through social networking, the phone etc. By taking a nap, it can help you disconnect from all of that,” says Michael Hazel, spa director. “Medical studies have shown that power napping helps with stress, depression and heart problems. Our YeloNap’s shape is without contours so it’s easy on the eyes. From the lighting to the sound-proof room, we have created an ultimate environment geared towards relaxation. Our clients can also listen to their choice of medieval chants to classical music.”
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 20 to 40 minutes
PRODUCTS USED: Zero Gravity Chair
WHO PERFORMS IT: Self-serving
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “Through social networking, print and We advertise in our local markets and through corporate memberships.”
UPSELL OPP: Reflexology or massage.
PRICE: 20-minute nap $15; 25-minute nap $18; 30-minute nap $22; 35-minute nap $25; 40-minute nap $28.

Far Infrared Sauna

WHERE: The Spa on Green Street in Gainesville, GA (
OWNER: Eric Worster
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Capture the healing energy of the sun with the safe, penetrating heat of the Far Infrared Sauna. Used for decades for pain and muscle relief, cardiac conditioning, skin care, detoxification and much more. An excellent add-on to a massage or workout session.
WHY IT’S A WINNER: “The infrared has more benefits than the steam sauna. It’s beneficial to muscle and tissue health, and it’s detoxifying. With the sauna you get increased blood circulation, improved heart health, and you can burn a high number of calories,” says Kristen Boye, general manager.
PRODUCTS USED: Clients are given cold water and towels
WHO PERFORMS IT: Self-serving
HOW IT’S MARKETED: “Recommended by massage therapists. It’s targeted toward guests who need extra muscle relaxation,” says Boye.
UPSELL OPP: “It’s ideal for guests to get in the sauna before or after getting the spa’s Custom Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Sports Massage, Aromatherapy Massage or Peak Performance Wrap and Massage,” she continues.
PRICE: $40 per session







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