Has TV Influenced Your Salon Business?

By Greg Scheer | 07/30/2010 10:42:00 AM


Not only do televisions provide extra entertainment for your guests, they allow you to promote your salon’s services and products. Salon Today asked these salon owners how TV has influenced their businesses.

Owner of Patrick’s Hair Design (patrickshairdesign.com) in Columbia, MD

Co-owner of the Hoboken Man (thehobokenman.com) in Hoboken, NJ

Owner of NY Splash Beauty Salon and Spa Lounge (nysplashsalon.com) in East Norwich, NY

Owner of Travis Parker Salon (travisparker.com) in La Jolla, CA

Owner of Indra Salon and City Spa with Pure Talent Academy (indrasalon.com) in Andover, MA
How many TV monitors do you have in the salon?

Jodie: One.
Emily: Eight.
Neida: Ten.
Travis: Three.
Jose: Eight.

Where in the salon are they located?

Jodie: The waiting area.

Emily: One in the waiting lounge, two in the mani-pedi area, four near the stations, and one facing our hair wash area.

Neida: One at each hair station, as well as at the nail station, in spa rooms and in the lounge.

Travis: They are mounted in our shampoo room high on the walls.

Jose: Three on the main stage and one behind our stage in the Matrix process area. In total we use three to five LED televisions for our fashion shows and events. We also have a camera that takes live photographs and shows them on the TVs.

What do clients see on TV?

Jodie: Our clients mostly see Aquage updos and runway shows from Goldwell. They mainly consist of clips of what we sell. Every now and again we will feature a movie, like Hairspray. We do it to break the monotony.

Emily: Primarily sports (ESPN) and news.

Neida: They have their choice, from fashion shows, cooking programs, news and our youngest clients enjoy cartoons. We provide programs with tips on health, beauty and fashion.

Travis: We try to keep the room a very relaxing and romantic place. We show anything from the newest fashion runway shows to the Planet Earth series.

Jose: Fashion shows, promotions. When we have our events people can see exactly what is going on in our salon.

How has this impacted business?

Jodie: It gets people interested in our salon and what we do. It keeps them occupied while they are waiting for their appointments. It’s also a good way to promote our products and services.

Emily: Clients love getting services and not missing what’s happening in the world. They can be productive while relaxing in the barbershop.

Neida: We have found the TVs provide a distraction for our sensitive guests receiving special treatments, a source of conversation among our clients and staff, and entertainment for the children of our guests.

Travis: We receive the most comments on this room. It allows people to come and feel at ease while relaxing and enjoying a peaceful room with no talking. The runway shows inspire guests on their new personal looks.

Jose: It’s great for branding. People are entertained, educated and up-to-date with what we are doing with our company. The programs we provide are constantly feeding our guests information and entertainment.






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