Feng Shui 101

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Athina Mercouriou, who has been practicing Feng Shui for more than a decade, says the salon’s environment is the key to client retention. “Feng Shui ensues energy, feelings, moods and emotions that any salon or spa can benefit from,” she says. “By incorporating different color, shapes and materials, positive energy will stem from the environment.”

The Feng Shui elements in a salon must be based on the image a salon owner wants to show, Mercouriou says. As a starting point, look for anything in the salon that looks lifeless, old, dirty or cluttered. Everything should be clean and clutter free.
“Make sure the entrance is inviting and alive. An empty wall or corner will not be appealing if it is the first thing a customer sees,” she says. Since the concept of beauty can be given through color and shapes, Mercouriou suggests having greenery, such as bamboo or colorful flowers, as the first thing clients see. “Remember, less is more. Keeping things minimal and uncluttered is essential to Feng Shui.”

For the rest of the salon, the five elements of Feng Shui should be used:

Wood—This can be implemented through furniture or greenery.
Fire—This can be implemented through illuminating light or artwork.
Earth—This can be implemented through flooring, tiles or walls. Many people incorporate pebbles into the wall for this element.
Metal—This can be implemented through chairs or the register.
Water—The sound or imagery of flowing water relates directly to the flow of money.

Johnathan Breiting Salon & Luxury Spa in Chicago incorporates all five elements of Feng Shui into its decor.




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