Personal Shopper 2013Whether you’re updating your existing design or overhauling a new space, it’s smart of know about the latest trends in furniture and equipment design. SALON TODAY invited some of the country’s leading manufacturers to preview their latest innovations, and we asked their designers to share some valuable shopping guidance with salon and spa owners:

“The fundamental objective of a wall/retail unit is to enhance the products and not the furniture. Using white lacquer allows the manufacturers’ multi-color products to be promoted. Under shelf or back lighting will further direct consumer’s eyes to the merchandise. A light box above the wall unit will promote a brand or a domain such as shampoo or styling products. Storage bunkers below make restocking easier.” –Dr. Leon Alexander, President of Eurisko Design

“One of the most overlooked areas of a salon that requires great lighting is over the rest room mirror. This is where clients privately evaluate what they just had done to their hair. If the lighting is poor over the mirror, highlights and color will not look correct which can lead to an unhappy customer.” –Howard Gurock, President, Eco-Lite Products, LLC – manufacturers of Minardi Color Perfect Lighting. 

“Styling chairs are everywhere! You can spend very little money or you can spend a lot. Making sure the chair you purchase is comfortable and made with quality materials will ensure your client is comfortable and it will improve the image and happiness of your salon and staff tremendously. No one likes to see or use broken down chairs in a beautiful salon!” – Carl Johnson, Sales/Design Consultant, Belvedere USA

“If you are opening a new salon, try to make this a focal point. If you are an existing salon, review your numbers and see if you can replace a poor producing department and utilize that space. Add upscale chairs, Freestyle dryers, and don't forget the retail products designed specifically for this service.” –David A. Osgood, vice president sales and marketing interiors by R.G. Shakour

“When designing your salon keep in mind that you need three types of light. One is an ambient light source for the whole salon (3500 Kelvin fluorescent lights using T5 tubes work well). Above the styling stations should have twice as much light using a high quality light source that is close to natural sunlight. The client’s face should be lit with a low Kelvin light in the 2700–3000 range like a standard light bulb or halogen bulb. This will add nice tones to your client’s face. It’s like painting a picture.” –Blair Hopper, CEO Freestyle Systems

“Fall in love with the right shampoo unit that offers functional quality, reinvigorating comfort and design appeal. Units that offer matching styling chairs are a perfect way to make a seamless transition from the styling area to a wash area. Extra deep bowls will provide ample space to perform services from deep conditioning and color to shampoo and massage, while high-tech gel neck rests offers a relaxing hiatus to the outside world.” –Sheila B. Crowder, Takara Belmont Regional Manager

"Massage is the perfect add-on to any backwash, as is kromo therapy, to relax the mind. This can make a treatment well worth the time involved."--Alec Henry, National Sales Manager, Gamma & Bross