PBA Symposium 2009: Connecting to Consumers

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The upcoming PBA Symposium takes a brave, new step by launching a landmark consumer study and building an educational event around its findings.

In addition to the landmark study, other PBA Symposium sessions include:

Getting Clued in to Experience Management
Keynote speaker and author Lou Carbone will share his insight and provide specific examples of companies that have and have not used experience marketing, and their outcomes. Carbone is the author of Clued In—How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again.

Conducting a Clue Walk-Through
Customers are given hundreds of clues in their interactions with your brand. This session takes a virtual tour through a real salon with a first-hand look at these clues in action. Presented by the Eveline Charles team.

Defining the Future of Beauty Retailing
With a panel of industry leaders representing multiple segments, this session is designed to provide perspective on the findings of the Business of Beauty study. Co-facilitated by Lou Carbone and Neil Ducoff.

Defining the Feel of the Brand
Learn how consumer perceptions of brands are different from salon to salon by exploring how each business sends clues to its customers. This session will help you discover the elements that create a “feeling” around your brand to begin the process of reflecting on your brand’s story. Led by the Marilyn Ihloff team.

Designing Experiences that Add Up to Loyal Customers
Take your new knowledge of clue finding to the next level by discovering how to align the right messages to the clues you’re giving your clients. Presented by Scott Buchanan.
Who couldn’t use a little help strengthening and growing their business this year? As one of the premiere business education and networking events for the industry, the new Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Symposium answers the call with a revealing new consumer study, an illuminating keynote speaker, and an overall sharing of best practices of leading salon and spa owners.

The Symposium, which will be centered on consumer culture, will be held July 19-20 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. PBA Symposium is a component of the overall PBA Beauty Week, which also features Cosmoprof North America, the North American Hairstyling Awards and the City of Hope Gala.

The cornerstone of this year’s Symposium will be the results of the landmark study, Business of Beauty: Maximize Your Profitability. Conducted on a national level, this study provides the first comprehensive industry research on the salon retail environment and gives a definitive look at consumer trends and how the industry must adapt. Intended for all segments of the industry, the study is designed to help dramatically increase retail sales within salon outlets, grow overall profitability and create a high degree of customer loyalty.

“The PBA study will add to our understanding about both consumer and professional perceptions, and the role each of us has in improving the retail environment. We’re letting revenue that could exist in our channel happen through others,” says Frank Zona, who owns Zona Salons in Norwell, Massachusetts, and leads PBA’s government advocacy committee. “Whether you’re a stylist who is interested in how to think about retail sales; a salon owner who needs to create a retail culture, a distributor who is supporting salons, or a manufacturer interested in where the value is, the release of this study is an excellent reason to be at PBA Symposium.”

For more details about PBA Symposium and PBA Beauty Week visit probeauty.org.

Just a Sampling

Some of the initial findings of the PBA Study, The Business of Beauty: Maximize your Profitability, are enough to whet the appetite for much more. Some of the statistics revealed by the study include:

Clearing Misconceptions: Stylists really do like to recommend and sell products, but they desire more training on how to do it properly.

Missed Opportunities: 44 percent of respondents generally will purchase a product recommended by their stylist, but 71 percent of respondents were not offered a product on their last visit.

The Competition: Although it’s not a surprise that supercenter discount retailers are popular, 46 percent of respondents have increased their purchases of beauty products at these outlets over the past year while salon purchases are declining.




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