The e-newsletters sent out each
week by Andre Chreky: The Salon
Spa in Washington, DC, feature a number
of topics—they write about promotions,
product launches, trend reports,
salon and spa tips...but what really sets
them apart from other salons is that they
feature “Chreky fans.”

Marketing: Chreky Promos

“We like to blog about our clients and staff,” says Serena Chreky, co-owner of
Andre Chreky Salon and Spa. “Our current ‘Get Chreky’ promo features our client,
Grace Mashore. She appears on our website homepage, in our e-blasts, and also graces
our March postcard.” Here is a clip from the salon’s latest feature:

“Grace Elizabeth Mashore has been coming to our salon since she was ‘knee high
to a tadpole.’ We remember how she’d delight in playing princess, basking in the primping
and pampering of getting her beautiful hair tended. Who would have imagined that
wee Grace would grow up to be a recruited athlete, playing for one of the top college
basketball teams in the country, the Stanford University Cardinals! We’re so proud of
Grace–we’ve enjoyed watching her grow and we’re always thrilled when she books an
appointment during her too-few college breaks.”

The salon has been doing a number of marketing campaigns since they opened in
1997 but their “Get Chreky” campaign, launched in September 2010, has been their most
successful. “Our e-newsletters promote a sense of ‘family’ for our makes it
intimate and tangible,” says Chreky. “We write in our blog from time to time about our
VIP guests, too. Everyone enjoys reading about the movers and shakers in the nation’s
Capitol.” For more information about this salon, visit