Marine Agency Corporation

| 800-763-4775 | [email protected]

Owner: Darryl C. Stevens

Marine Agency Corporation

Marine Agency Corporation advises salons
and spas on insurance needs and provides
comprehensive insurance to meet
those needs.

Why we’re different: We have been
advising and insuring the professional
beauty industry for 25 years and have been
consistent with our programs and ability to
provide insurance for individuals through
entire salon/spas. We continue to grow with
the industry with current web applications,
credit card payment and education to
associations and schools.

How we work: We provide phone
consultation with each client to assess their
insurance requirement and gather the data
needed to provide no obligation quotations.
There is no charge for this service.

Catch us at: Most major trade shows. In 2011,
we’ll be at the Day Spa Knowledge networks and
Premiere Orlando Beauty Show among others.

Our advice: “To remember that you
are each owners of your own businesses,
whether a booth renter or a salon owner,
and you should never consider yourself,
'Just a ______' as each business is unique.”
2011 WISDOM: “Work with an insurance
professional who knows and understands
your needs to properly protect your assets.”