Laptops and WiFi for salon clients

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For many clients, the internet is a lifeline to their professional and personal lives.

Andre Aronica
Dres Hair Salon ( in Scottsdale, Arizona

Denise Dubois
Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness ( in
Albany, New York

Luda Conti
Avanti Day Resort
 ( in
Manalapan, New Jersey

Golnesa and Golnar Ghovanloo
Monsieur Spa ( in Coral Gables, Florida
Do you have laptops or computer stations available for client use? How many?
Andre: Currently, we have three mini-notebooks available to clients.
Denise: We don’t have computers for clients, but we do offer free wireless. Most clients use Wi-Fi while their hair is processing. Spa members can bring their laptops and unwind in the Relaxation area.
Luda: We have two laptops for client use. If the laptops are not available, we provide access to any of our 17 computer stations if they prefer. Many clients bring personal laptops with them and we provide our internet access code.
Ghovanloos: We have two available laptops and several bistro seating areas as well as virtual offices. We also have “assistants” for the clients as well. If they need to fax, send an e-mail or need a conference area, we have it. Our spa was designed with the tech-savvy man in mind.

What do most clients use the computers/Wi-Fi for?
Andre: Mainly, our complimentary computers get used for e-mail and business. We are in the information/technology age, so dinner reservations, movie tickets and CNN searches are common.
Denise: Although they are here to relax and unwind, we find that most clients use the free Wi-Fi service for business purposes.
Luda: The majority of our clientele use our computers for personal as well as business, online shopping, finishing up work or simply surfing the web. 
Ghovanloos: Our clients use our Wi-Fi for e-mail, business-related searches, chatting, video chat, news, travel reservations, health information, buy/sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

How is having computers or Wi-Fi for clients benefitting your business?
Andre: Most of our clients are young professionals who are constantly on the go. Being able to connect with their business and other ventures while at the salon means not having to miss or postpone appointments—and they can indulge while keeping up to date.
Denise: Having Wi-Fi is a modern convenience that our clients welcome.
Luda: Making the computers available shows our clients how much we value their time. There is not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to get done, so this combines relaxation with productivity.
Ghovanloos: The more time the client spends in your facility, the more money they are going to spend in your store. Wi-Fi is like having a virtual office. It’s our way of adding more amenities and enriching the client’s overall experience.

What was the cost to establish connectivity?
Andre: The cost to implement the notebooks and Wi-Fi was very minimal. Each notebook was $350 and the wireless came in a package. Being able to offer convenience to your clients is priceless.
Denise: The cost was virtually nothing considering we have a network of eight workstations (computers) that uses the wireless.  We already had wireless access, so opening this up for our client use actually added no additional cost to the business.
Luda: The cost was very minimal, about $3,000. It is our pleasure to provide the convenience of this much-needed technology to our clients.
Ghovanloos: It cost us about $1,800 for two laptops, roughly $150 for Wi-Fi setup and about $49.95 internet fees. The total buildout of the spa was $750,000, which includes the virtual offices and bistro area.

What is the cost per month to maintain the computer station (including internet fees)?
Andre: For about $300 a month we can provide complimentary Wi-Fi—it’s great getting to see their faces when they casually mention they need to access the internet and I hand them a computer.
Denise: I use Time Warner Cable, which is the provider for our phone system (five phone lines, fax, etc.), cable for our TVs, and wireless internet for our computers/network.  It is a bundled price and is very reasonable. I pay approximately $300 per month for everything.
Luda: The cost of this service is $49.99 a month … less than $2 a day. Our main software is setup via the internet; this is how our main server communicates with the other computers throughout the salon and spa areas. We would be lost without the internet, as we also use it for online purchasing, retrieval of online orders from our website,
e-blasts and surfing the web for new products and ideas.
Ghovanloos: It costs about $75 a month to maintain, but we see the return within two clients. We not only have free Wi-Fi, we also have a cigar lounge and a Premium Bacardi liquor bar, which are all complimentary to the client. Even if the person is not a member/client, they may use the upstairs area by paying the lounge fee.  







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