Kassidy’s Salon Management Consulting

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Owner: Ken Cassidy

Kassidy’s Salon and Spa Management
Consultants is the industry’s leading authority
in “Working Options,” with a
proven approach for business owners with
employees, booth renters and independent
contractor business structures. Kassidy’s
does this by reducing the three reasons
all businesses struggle: the lack of a legal
structure; the lack of a profi table structure
and the lack of a management structure.

Why we’re different: As a current
cosmetologist, salon owner and past spa
owner with more than 35 years experience, we
understand the industry’s challenges firsthand,
we relate on your level as a service provider
and management team when it comes to
running the everyday business.

How we work: We work with most of our
clients via email and phone consultations. We
only bill our clients for the time they require of
us. Our rate is $140 an hour. There are no long-term
contracts, but if we take on a project over
time, special pricing will be quoted.

Catch us at: At a variety of industry events—
all teaching dates are listed on our website,
kassidys.com under Seminar Calendar.

Our advice: “I have never seen an
owner do everything wrong or an owner do
everything right. Improvement is what keeps
us all challenged to be the best we can be in
business and personally.”

2011 wisdom: “To protect your financial
investment and yourself, every “i” needs to
be dotted and every “t” needs to be crossed
regarding your legal and management
structure. We see more audits, lawsuits and
unemployment filings coming our way.”