Is the “Lipstick Index” True?

By Web Editor | 03/16/2009 4:00:00 PM


There’s a popular belief that when the economy tanks, lipstick sales soar.

Does the “Lipstick Index” hold true in the professional beauty industry? SALON TODAY taps those in the know for their observations:

Dimitri James
Founder, SKINN Cosmetics

Andrea Fairweather
Celebrity make-up artist;
Owner, Fairweather Faces

Peter Soli
CEO, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics
Susan Criscione
Marketing Coordinator,
Your Name Professional

Adrienne Kramer
President, Mirabella Beauty
Are the last six months of lipstick sales up or down over the same period last year?

Higher, by 50 percent.
Higher.Lower, by 25-percent.Flat for basic/classic lipstick; up for lip rouge and liquid luster.Higher, across the board.
What are the sales forecasted to do the next six months?

Double, at least.

Sales for lip-glosses and lipsticks will continue to be steady.Sales aren’t going to be down more than 5 percent in the first quarter.We expect lip rouge and liquid luster sales to grow even stronger in 2009.Lipstick and trendy shades of eye shadow will continue to thrive.
What is your hottest-selling shade?Auburn for lipstick and Copperberry for gloss.

The neutrals: pinks, cocoas and beiges. A nude shade called Bliss. Dirty Pink. Pinks, corals and soft coppers, like Hippy and Revolution.
Why do you think you’re seeing this trend?Women can indulge in a small luxury without feeling guilty. In tough economic times, women go “out of the box” a bit more with lip color and more conservative with clothing.During a recession, we are all forced to prioritize. An affordable way to look and feel beautiful is to purchase a great lip color and rock that while the economy is uncertain.Sales have picked up recently. We’re thinking it might be from the Obama-bounce—within the past few weeks, we’ve seen a pick up, which is an indicator of consumer confidence.Customers are looking for poly-functional features. In addition to on-trend colors, our formulas offer anti-aging and lip plumping benefits as well as antioxidant and vitamin protection.
They are inexpensive seasonal lifts that help a woman feel better about herself without the guilt.




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