Inspiring Champions

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Owner: Lauren Gartland

Inspiring Champions

Inspiring Champions provides proven
business systems and solutions that instantly
increase service and retail sales,
client retention, pre-booking results, income
and profit now while having fun!

Why we’re different: We help salon and
spa professionals who want to experience more
personal and financial freedom and who want
more balance in their lives. How we achieve this
is through business education and coaching.

How we work: One-on-one and team
coaching over the phone for salon and spa
owners and service providers. On-site business
training delivered conveniently to your door.
Front desk webinar training provides fast, easy
and proven systems to train your front desk
team to capture thousand of dollars lost to
your business each year. And, live three-day
hands-on seminars, “Champ Camp” and “Cash
Flow Camp” which provide attendees with the
business skills, knowledge, and proven systems
to increase service and retail sales, prebooking,
customer satisfaction and client retention.

Catch us at: Online at, Champ Camp: Denver, Feb. 27-Mar. 1;
Champ Camp: Calgary, Alberta, Mar. 20-22;
Champ Camp: San Diego, April 3-5; Cash
Flow Camp: Minneapolis, May 1-3; and
Champ Camp: Orlando, May 15-17.

Our advice: “Stop trying to get to the
top alone! Einstein said: ‘You can’t solve a
problem with the mind that created it.’ In
other works, you can’t solve your business
challenges with what you currently know or
what you’re currently doing because you will
get more of the same. Great leaders have
the wisdom to seek counsel from experts,
resources and a coach who will support them
in getting to their goals and dreams faster,
easier and more effectively and so can you”

2011 wisdom: “Persist until you succeed.
Develop an unstoppable spirit! Remember, a
winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You
have the DNA of a champion and you were
made to win. The Redhead believes in you, and
I am cheering you all the way to the top.”