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By Alison Alhamed | 05/28/2009 10:59:00 AM


Vern Shears, from Harmonix.
Nope, you don’t have double vision. Vern Shears, from Harmonix, interlock with additional shears to cut, texturize and style—all at the same time. Confused on how they work? Don’t worry, we were too. We asked Claudia Diesti, a stylist who has been using the shears for three years at The Spa at Wellington Green in Wellington, Florida, to explain how they work.  

ST: What are the benefits of using Vern Shears in place of traditional shears?
Claudia Diesti
Claudia Diesti: When it comes down to what Vern Shears does for a stylist, it’s these three things: Faster and more accurate cutting, which means more clients can be seen, and more money can be made; the stylist can unburden themselves with traditional methods and mix things up a bit; the stylist can stand out in an industry full of talented artists and release their creativity.

ST:What is it like cutting with the shears?
CD: Vern cutting is divided into three parts. Single-Hand Cutting is learning how to do simple hair cuts with your dominant hand, how to interlock and attach the shears, and understanding the mathematics to combining the shears’ cutting, thinning and texturizing combinations. Then there’s Both-Hand Faultless Cutting, which teaches how to become ambidextrous and think artistically, using both sides of the brain. The last is the Flying Cut, which uses both hands and resembles a butterfly-like motion. It produces perfect harmony in the flow direction of hair ends; each cut creates several lengths resulting in a much softer and more natural, elegant profile.  

ST: It sounds like a lot of theatrics happening, what do customers think when they see the shears?

CD: My hair cuts went from $75 to $120. I see other clients who are getting their nails done, color processing or checking out who stop and stare or start whispering to their friends. It’s fun to see. I feel privileged to have found the shears—I’ve trained with Vern in Orlando, Italy and twice in Taiwan. I’ve have spent my life’s savings on tools and education in this industry, looking for something to define me as an artist—but if that’s what took to find these shears then it was worth everything.

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