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Color Boost


Color Refresh

USE THIS PRODUCT: Wella Color Touch Relights

COOL FACTOR: Versatile, quick-acting formula
opens a new add-on category appropriate for a
variety of hair color clients.


• You charge $40 per Wella Color Touch Relights
hair refresh service

• To 2 clients per day, 10 per week

• You bring in $20,000 more in one year

The Service Buzz:
Color Touch Relights refreshes and tones highlights and prelightened hair
without adding depth. The ammonia-free demipermanent formula leaves
hair soft and healthy with luminous shine, with an application and processing
time of under 20 minutes.

The service appeals to clients who want to stretch their color appointments
but can accommodate Relights’ lower price point for a refresh in
between. It’s also a great way to introduce clients to color; it adds shine and
gloss without requiring any commitment to a color regimen.

Blonde shades are Sultry Silver and Golden Copper; red shades are
Hickory Red and Sunbeam Bronze.

Don’t Miss This:
Relights also works well as an addition to other color services, not just “in

“By pairing the color enhancement of Relights with a dimensional color
service using Koleston Perfect and Color Touch, the colorist can add
amazing effects to the finished look,” suggests John Moroney, business
education leader for Wella.”

Create additional warmth through a translucent
gloss or attach a golden reflection to a fiery red. The possibilities for playing
with light, shine and color are virtually endless. The result is a personalized
color formulation that cannot be achieved elsewhere—especially at home!”

Trend Alert:
Wella’s sister brands in the P&G Professional family also offer upservice possibilities.
One example is Sebastian’s Texture Tandem in-salon treatment—a clay-cream
formula the stylist customizes to each head of hair. The treatment’s two products
can be mixed in any ratio depending on how straight or wavy clients want their
hair. With Texture Tandem’ moisture-lock silkener to ensure softness, it can
enhance either look. Although the resulting texture lasts for days, there’s no
damage to the hair because no chemicals are involved.