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Owners: Bart Foreman and Phyllis Foreman

Group 3 Marketing helps salon and
spa owners by creating unique marketing
programs designed to impact
their guests’ next sale. We use creative
marketing tactics to influence guest activity,
by utilizing Point-of-Sale data to
identify opportunities for guests to return
more often, try new services and
spend more every visit. We also do it
through comprehensive consumer research
continually measuring the pulse
of the beauty industry marketplace.

Why we’re different: You may excel
at five-star customer service, but we’ve
developed a Sixth Star Marketing strategy
that focuses on your guests by targeting
your real business drivers: retention, win-backs
and organic growth.

How we work: Group 3 Marketing
provides a turnkey database-driven,
marketing-focused program for salons,
distributors and brands. We have built
a model that rewards guests for their
patronage and also targets them for new
services and product sales opportunities.
Our pricing is based on a flat monthly
administrative fee plus mailings and e-mails.

Catch us at: ISSE in Long Beach and the
Midwest; PBA Symposium. In addition, sign
up for our weekly marketing e-newsletter,
“The Monday Morning AH-ha!“ which is
guaranteed to get your marketing adrenalin
flowing. E-mail us, it’s free.

Our advice: “Put your guest at the heart
of your business.”

2011 wisdom: “Put your guests at the
heart of your business because it’s okay
to say, ‘Thank you. We appreciate your