Fully Booked, LLC

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Owners: Steven Brooks and Phil Fennell

Fully Booked, LLC

Fully Booked is an innovative alliance
of like-minded industry veterans with
specialized companies that deliver real-world
information and resources. All
are still salon owners with tested and
proven marketing systems, along with
the programs, promotions and planning
to “get ’er done!”

Why we’re different: Fully Booked
is the beauty industry’s complete source of
best practices for salons, spas and independent
stylists and provides the means to not
only measure and manage your business, but
maximize its potential as well.

How we work: Fully Booked is proudly
represented by The Beauty Agents and has been
described as the “business agents for change.”

Catch us at: Fully Booked will be seen,
and especially heard, at most industry
shows, seminars, as well as in-salon and in-school.
In addition, Fully Booked can deliver
unconventional education and events for you
and/or your team.

Our advice: “Leaders of the industry will
now need to find, understand and execute
best practices, as well as leverage all the
resources and technologies available to get
it 100-percent right, with 100-percent of their
guests, 100-percent of the time.”

2011 wisdom: “Fully booked is not merely
a destination, dream or desire it is a bold and
empowering journey for those who get it.”

Fully Booked, LLC