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Serious Business: Don't Worry, Be Happy

By Stacey Soble | Updated: 01/22/2013 9:15:00 AM
At Serious Business 2013, Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, tells audiences the benefits of bringing optimism into their lives, but then also shows them how to do it.
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2013 Salon Today 200

By Stacey Soble | Updated: 01/17/2013 2:48:00 PM
AS THE OWNER of a thriving business, the leader of your team, and a player in a vibrant industry, you need to shake things up from time to time. It re-energizes your business, draws attention from your community and keeps your staff on their toes.
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The 2013 SALON TODAY 200: Customer Service

By Stacey Soble | Updated: 01/17/2013 2:40:00 PM
Profiling the 2013 SALON TODAY 200 honorees in the category of Customer Service.
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Ask the Experts: Planning Ahead

By Lauren Salapatek | Updated: 01/02/2013 4:31:00 PM
What advice would you give to improve a salon’s promotion planning strategy? What salon promotions are most effective in driving client traffic? How does an online strategy drive client traffic? What can stylists do to better promote their services?
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Facebook Your Way to Success

By Lauren Salapatek | Updated: 12/04/2012 3:13:00 PM
One in every 13 people worldwide are active Facebook users, according to That’s 500,000,000 people who regularly rely on social media. These interactions based on profiles users create, allow you to find old friends, update your “status,” write on friends’ “walls” and more. A Facebook profile is a peephole into your life that others around you can view. Read about why you should consider creating two separate Facebooks, and get tips and tricks of what you can do to boost your portfolio with the help of the one and only--Facebook.
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TIP OF THE WEEK for Stylists, Colorists and Salon Owners

By Lauren Salapatek | Updated: 11/28/2012 2:38:00 PM
Check back to see what new tip we added! (This article is updated frequently.)
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