Crystal Focus Salon Coaching

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Owner: Kristi Valenzuela

Crystal Focus Salon Coaching

Crystal Focus specializes in helping
salon owners discover their true profit
potential by introducing goals and rewards
for the front desk team. Areas of
focus are pre-booking, retail, additional
services, gift cards and referrals.

Why we’re different: We offer
customized, private, in-salon front desk
training designed to uniquely incorporate
your salon brand, current systems, and future
growth potential.

How we work: The Front Desk Doctor
Workshop, a full-day workshop, is available
in multiple cities across the country for $150
per person. Full-day customized in-salon
workshop available: full-day fee starts at
$2,000. Phone coaching available for $200
an hour or by package. Additional Front
Desk Training Success products include
manuals, audios, videos and individual
tracking materials.

Catch us at: Redken Symposium: Las
Vegas, Jan. 15-17; Insider Event: Grand
Rapids, MI, Feb. 27-28; The Front Desk
Doctor Workshop: Grand Rapids, MI, April
11; Insider Event: Carmel, IN; May 1-2;
Premiere Show: Orlando, FL, June 4-5; The
Front Desk Doctor Workshop: Roanoke,
VA, July 31-Aug. 1; The Front Desk Doctor
Workshop: Indianapolis, IN, Sept. 26;
Insider Event: Perrysburg, OH, Sept. 11-12;
Ocean City Show: Ocean City, MD, Sept. 18-
19; GROW: Columbus, OH, Oct. 2; GROW:
Novi, MI, Oct. 3.

Our advice: “Create an organized and
time-lined plan of action for new principles
of success—don’t try to implement
everything that a consultant has shared with
you at once.”

2011 wisdom: “Keep your eye on what
the big stores are doing to market to new
business and to retain business; such as gift
with purchase, voucher for your next visit,
loyalty programs, etc.”