Gentler, Long Lasting Demi


Demi-permanent hair color

USE THIS PRODUCT: Rusk Deepshine Demi

THE COOL FACTOR: Botanical ingredients protect hair as the color processes; economical
packaging saves money.

• You charge $60 per Deepshine Demi hair color service

• To 2 clients per day, 10 per week

• You bring in $30,000 more in one year

the service buzz:
Ammonia-free Deepshine Demi incorporates Rusk’s Advanced
Marine Therapy formulation to infuse shine, guard against yellowing or
brassiness and provide long-lasting, tone-on-tone creme color that
fades out gradually. Special ingredients like cera alba (beeswax)
condition and nourish the hair.

“We’ve had Deepshine Permanent Color for a long time, and we
wanted to add a demi line for the client who’s hesitant about color or
who is just starting to see some gray,” says Karen Bogdan, director of
marketing for Rusk. “Demi is a gentler option that requires less of a
commitment from the client. It provides a great way for the stylist to
approach a client who has not been coloring her hair.”

But Deepshine Demi’s benefits go beyond those inherent in other
demis, she adds.
“Products have to do more than they did before,” Bogdan explains.
“Deepshine Demi is versatile. You can use Deepshine alone or just on
regrowth, or all over to tone highlights. Or highlight at the same time
and apply Deepshine in between the foils. Because it’s so gentle,
Deepshine Demi allows you this type of flexibility.”

Deepshine Demi comes in a 3.4-ounce tube, about an ounce larger
than the industry standard but comparable in price. “Part of our
strategy when we launched was to give stylists an added reason to try
Deepshine,” Bogdan reveals. “We provided that extra incentive by
making it economical.”

don’t miss this:

The Deepshine line is a growing brand, and next up for launch is
Deepshine Smooth, a formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatment
that delivers a frizz-free result for up to 12 weeks. It can be used in
conjunction with a color service to lock in the color.

Adding demi-permanent hair colortrend alert:
Rusk’s Sensories Wellness
product line offers further
add-on possibilities,
according to Rusk Creative
Team member Sherri Jessee,
owner of Sherri’s Hair Salon
in Bristol, Virginia. “We
sometimes offer a complimentary
scalp massage to
introduce a natural, spaquality
service with products
from the Sensories
Wellness line,” Jessee says.
“Products in this line are
made with globally sourced
organic ingredients and no
petrochemicals. This scalp
massage gives clients extra
relaxation while letting
them try a shine treatment.
Our clients love it!”