Get Smart

WITH ITS 2011 THEME, the Professional
Beauty Association’s Symposium, held
July 30-August 2 at Mandalay Bay Resort
and Casino in Las Vegas, will encourage participants
to “Be More Intelligent.” Keynote
speakers and finely tuned workshops combine
with high-profile networking time to offer
salon professionals the wisdom to advance
both their careers and beauty businesses.
SALON TODAY invited each Symposium
presenter to give us a preview of the wisdom
they’ll share:

2011 PBA Symposium Speaker Lineup

2011 PBA Symposium Speaker Lineup

2011 PBA Symposium Speaker Lineup

Stedman Graham
Graham is the author of the book, You Can
Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for
Success, and a frequent motivational
speaker. Graham’s motivational
presentation will help owners focus
on achieving success in life and
business. “Individuals hold the
power to their success or failure,
and establishing your
identify is the first step
toward leadership,” he
coaches. “If you want
to lead others, you
have to lead yourself
first by claiming your

Glenn Baker
In “What’s the
Formula for New
Client Retention,”
Baker, vice president
of Head
Shoppe Company,
will share a proven
training system to
begin increasing
new client retention. And, his “Are Your
Vital Signs In the Zone?” presentation shares
the vital signs that a salon’s staff need to
focus on, how to maintain the zone state
of mind, and key industry benchmarks on
clientele development.

Tom Kuhn
“Salons are missing 71 percent of their
opportunities, but there are easy ways to
reach this untapped potential,” says Kuhn,
founder of Qnity. Through his Stylist Coach
program, Kuhn offers easy-to-follow tools
and practices to help you gain growth from
your team, inspire and retain staff, teach
business to ‘creatives,’ and develop a fasttrack
for senior and master staff.

Julie Shepperly
Through real salon
and spa case studies,
Shepperly, an industry
author, consultant and
educator, will show
owners how to “Build
a Thriving Culture in
a Changing Economy.” “Attendees
will gain ways to help manage the
inevitable challenges businesses
face with blended team generations,
diverse client demographics,
new marketing channels, and
the expanded skill sets required
of today’s top leaders,” she says.

Jamie Naughton
Culture is the key to success
at By focusing
on your employees and customers,
good companies can become legendary
companies. Naughton, who serves
as Zappos’ speaker of the house, will
teach owners how to implement
culture and stay relevant to both
employees and customers.

Scott Buchanan
To improve your
results, authentic,
courageous, clear
conversations are key.
Through a working
module focused on measurable results,
Buchanan, owner of Scott J. Salons and
Spas, offers three take-home ideas, four
objectives and the seven principles of Fierce

Harry Wood
Learn what it takes for a stylist to make more
than $100,000 a year. As a leading stylist
and educator for Van Michael Salons,
Harry Wood developed the “Six Figure
Hairdresser,” a program that offers practical
steps for stylists to build more rewarding
careers and achieve their financial dreams.

Gregory Bledsoe
In addition to being a civil rights and employment-
related litigation owner, Bledsoe
is married to a salon owner. His attendees
will gain a better understanding of how to
look at growth, as it relates to the beauty
industry via the legal system. Learn about
human resources and compliance and how
to protect and help your business prosper.

Kristi Valenzuela
Through her unique, interactive program,
Valenzuela will enlighten salon owners,
managers and front desk professionals
about the possibilities of new revenue
through the efforts of the front
desk with upgraded customer-service
techniques, enhanced sales skills,
and learning how to support the
stylist’s business. Valenzuela
is the founder of Crystal
Focus Salon Coaching
and a partner in Summit
Salon Business Center.

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