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11 Points to Consider when Raising Your Prices

I’m constantly approached by salons and booth rental stylists who tell me they need to raise their prices, but they’re simply afraid to. As a stylist or salon owner, why on Earth are you afraid to raise your prices? You are buying the same services your clients are, they know about the cost of living and the value of a high-quality service provider.

Instead of being afraid, be proud of the fact that you’re in a position to provide services that are valuable enough to warrant an increase!

Here are 11 tips when raising your prices:

Salon Management

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: Must-Read Articles on Leading People and Managing Operations in the Salon

Small shifts in management strategies can have a big impact on a salon’s culture. SALON TODAY is always on the lookout for new tips and best practices from salon owners who have improved their business structures and work environments. Latest on our reading list are a few articles from that offer methods for motivating staff and streamlining operations.  

1. Set systemized benchmarks and offer perks for successful management of multiple locations.

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Creating a Network to Find the Right Talent for the Salon

When you’re opening a new salon, finding talent can be tricky especially when targeting a team willing to service all types and textures of hair.   We also wanted at least one specialist in each discipline.   We will be open seven days a week and our sales and scheduling plan helped us determine we want eight full-time stylists at opening. It’s four months before our opening, time to get started…

We used two techniques to build our network:

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New Consumer Study Reveals Clients Desire for Products with Sun Protection

As clients start booking their summer holidays, it’s time to start organizing a focus table or merchandising display that spotlights your retail products with sun protection, as well as your sunless tanning services. The Benchmarking Company recently polled 4,500 consumers about their knowledge of sun protection products, as well as their needs and desires.

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Are You Oversharing?

When problems arise in the salon, your team’s first priority should always be to make things right. Customers don’t need to know the details.

According to John DiJulius, owner of the John Robert’s Spa chain in Cleveland and the founder of the customer service consultancy The DiJulius Group, team members often overshare information when they’re trying to fix a problem, and without intending to, they can damage the salon’s reputation.

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Mindset: Social Studies

Today's job-seekers are looking for employers whose values align with their own. On that same note, employers want to know a prospect will be a valuable addition to the team. This month, we asked several industry leaders, "What's your process for ensuring a new hire will fit with your company culture?"


Personal Compass: Where's Oliver?

Take a photograph from any salon industry gathering and chances are Oliver Steinnagel is in the crowd. Armed with an amazing work ethic passed down from his German immigrant parents, Steinnagel, who co-owns Oliver’s Hair Salon with wife Wendy in Overland Park, Kansas, seamlessly blends managing a successful salon operation with keeping active in the industry.

Salon Management

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: 5 Tips for Effective Salon Leadership

Salon owners juggle more roles than many may realize. From mentor to business strategist, marketing guru to customer relations expert, they have many hats to wear—without even considering any work they may do on the salon floor. As impressive as this multitasking ability is, it is all for nothing if a salon owner overlooks the critical factors that keep clients and stylists happy and inspired. SALON TODAY found a wealth of effective leadership strategies in the articles on

How to Turn Your Front Desk Into a Profit Center

Front desk employees are one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Your front desk should do more than just answer phones, book appointments, and ring-out clients. If that’s all that they do, then they are a cost center: an employee whom you pay to perform tasks. A productive front desk employee is a profit center: an employee who generates revenue for your business. But, how do you turn your front desk into a profit center? The answer is easy: education.


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