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How to Motivate Your Employees with Goals

How are you motivating your staff to increase their service ticket and total sales? What drives them to up-sell, promote add-ons, or sell product? Your answer to these questions should be goals. Goals help maintain a forward-focus on growth. Without goals, what are you working towards, and how is it measured? Creating goals is essential to increasing your bottom line and maintaining business growth.

Salon Management

Performance Tracking Helps Boost Your Business

Salon software is so much more than a glorified appointments book. Scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll see that the real value of any salon technology system lies in the data – and the ability to drill down into your numbers and gain valuable insights into your business.  

Salon Management

15 Tips to Help Stressed Out Professionals Better Manage Their Time

Ask any working professional what they could use more of, and you'll probably keep getting the same answer. Time. In the frantic pace of the digital age, time is something everyone seems to be short on now. (It's almost laughable that we once thought technology would help create more leisure time!) But according to author, speaker, and time management expert Jackie Gaines, if workers could figure out how to make the most of their waking moments, they could be far more productive and happy regardless of their time constraints.

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5 Tips for Handling Bad Salon Reviews

Criticism for any business can be difficult to navigate. Social media and review sites provide countless opportunities for customers to voice their frustrations. Missteps in how you handle these complaints can have a tremendous ripple effect.  On the flip side, a salon or spa customer who feels heard and acknowledged can be converted into a raving fan. It’s all the in the approach. Follow these tips to mend customer relationships, repair the damage and start on the road to recovery.


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