Pssst! The Facebook Shakeup

By Valorie Reavis | 02/29/2012 3:23:00 PM


A sample of the new Timeline layout which Facebook will roll out to business pages on March 30. Salons have just 30 days to prepare for the most radical makeover to Facebook business profiles since inception. Facebook announced today that it is rolling out a version of its Timeline layout to business pages on March 30th, giving salons a month to prepare.

One of the key differences, which will have a profound effect on how businesses have traditionally attracted attention on Facebook, will be the way information is presented to the user.

“The timeline redesign will force salons and spas to re-think how they engage with their users as this new format relies heavily on activity and how effective a salon is at getting people talking and sharing information,” said Valorie Reavis, founder of Linkup Marketing.  “Facebook is only interested in providing users with relevant and interesting information about what their friends and trusted sources are doing.  That’s its business – showing only the most engaging post to its users and filtering out the stuff they don’t care about.  Salons will have to think about how they can become more interesting and engaged with their audience to stay relevant on Facebook.”

The new layout will include a cover image that spans the top of the profile, a smaller profile image, a chronological layout of the company’s activities on Facebook and a new tricked-out administrator panel that also allows messaging on the page. 

Salon are already facing an up-hill struggle following the launch of Timeline to personal users late last year when smaller actions such as ‘likes’ dropped off the newsfeed and began appearing in the Ticker on the right of the screen.

“Salons need to create campaigns that drive engagement and get people talking on page and interacting,” said Valorie. “Contests, questionnaires and interesting trivia can all help attract attention. But businesses must take a long-term approach to this part of their marketing mix, rather than dipping in or out if they want to be truly effective on Facebook.”

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions of how to re-design your page before March 30.






ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Valorie Reavis

Valorie Reavis is an online and social media marketing guru with Linkup Marketing, which focuses on search engine marketing, salon email marketing programs and social media marketing for salons and spas. If you have any queries for Valorie, email her at


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jackie maniaci    
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Woburn, Ma  |  March, 13, 2012 at 03:16 PM

Hi Valorie, I totally agree! Can you tell me how much of the social media marketing you are finding successful salons doing as an overal part of their marketing efforts?

Valorie Reavis    
Long Beach, CA  |  March, 15, 2012 at 03:23 PM

Hi Jackie - thanks for the question and it's a question we get all of the time. The first thing we like to point out is that social media is a component of everything you do, not an activity within your marketing mix. For example, email marketing is something you do as an activity, whilst social media would be interlaced with that email with perhaps a competition hosted on the site or you'll pull the most interesting posts from Facebook into the email. Same goes for anything you do with the local press, advertising, events, loyalty programs, product sales, booking, research, everything; social media is a part of that, too, as it's really about managing the clients experience with you beyond the salon and making it easier to do business with you. So, the salons that are using social media to their benefit are those that are investing above and beyond their marketing budget to hire help (either internal or consultants) and to ensure that social media is complementing everything they are doing. The counterbalance is that social media is saving you money because it makes you a much more efficient business if done correctly. Hope this helps! Post a pic of your new Timeline on the linkup marketing Facebook wall so we can see your update! ;-)