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Skincare Retail Sales

By Karie Bennett | Updated: 09/20/2010 4:17:51 PM
Skincare retail sales can really boost your bottom line, but it’s area where many salons struggle—even those who excel at retail on the salon side. For this Owner’s Forum, I was prompted by a question I received by Don Weisse, who works in national salon development for Aveda. I decided to dig a little deeper into how consumers buy skincare products and exactly what can trigger a purchase. --Karie
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Dealing with Disgruntled Staffers

By Karie Bennett | Updated: 09/08/2010 12:54:30 PM
In the second installment of "Owner's Forum," I share my advice for a reader dealing with a disgruntled employees. But the key to this blog is the word FORUM—we'd love for you to weigh in with your suggestions, too.
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Owner's Forum: First-time Philanthropist

By Karie Bennett | Updated: 08/18/2010 10:08:41 AM
Partnering with a charity to host an event not only raises money for a good cause, it can generate some goodwill, welcome publicity and new clients for your business. In this first in a series of Q&A blogs, I help an eager young stylist plan his first philanthropic event.
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