Zona Part 2: Interior Space Planning

By Donna Dickerman | 08/19/2009 9:25:00 AM


For reference, the previous salon (photo below) was cluttered, not allowing the eye to rest on any one thing.  From a psychological point of view this results in visual distraction.  Our solution was to remove the acoustical drop ceiling, so physically the space would feel larger, making more room for the eye to
rest on product displays.

Looking at the previous salon’s retail area.

Same view but new space – in construction framing stage.

The second space planning issue was the front retail area and the back service areas were divided by an odd load bearing wall. Solution: celebrate what must stay, resulting in a “fringed wall” that separates each area but also provides a critical visual connection on both sides and above (see construction photo above).  Another spatial strategy we used to reinforce the unity of retail and service areas was to extend the bathroom wall into both spaces.  Later postings you will see how this wall develops into a storyline of the Zona brand.

In Frank’s first salon, we designed a logo wall behind the transaction desk that was simple but highly effective in branding.  Frank definitely wanted this to be used in the second space for both brand recognition and continuity.  It works perfectly here.  Upon arrival the customer immediately sees the receptionist and the logo.  Then casual seating is placed amid the Aveda display units to invite product shopping while waiting for the stylist.  

The key to space planning the service area was to use perimeter walls to maximize floor space yet create vignettes of functions.  This was achieved with several solutions.  First, the back wall was designated for built-in storage.  Built-ins cost more initially but provide more storage than freestanding furniture, eliminate clutter and maximize valuable floor space.  The color mixing bar will be prominently displayed in this built-in as well as a custom lighting element that will be the back drop to the shampoo area.

Staying current with salon trends, Frank wanted to provide a soothing & calming shampoo experience for his customers.  We achieved this by a gesture of enclosed space (see the sketch below). The  lowered ceiling and partial wall create a sense of privacy & calmness in the middle of an active salon.  This idea will be further enhanced by paint color and lack of overhead lighting.
Above is a quick sketch of the shampoo & processing with the built-in storage wall.

Photograph is same view as above sketch before renovation.

The stylist stations are individual yet unifying by the use of a ribbon mirror and narrow stainless steel counter.  This creates a functionally simple and organized workstation for the stylist and a calm counterbalance to the above highly repetitious ceiling joists.

Above sketch is looking at stylist stations with ribbon mirror at “fringed wall”.

Photograph is same view before renovation.
The client was thrilled to see how the space planning strategies were used to strengthen the salon’s function and the customer’s perception of the ZONA Salon Brand.

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