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By Ashley Griffin | 01/03/2011 2:12:33 PM


 Are you thinking about your client's return visit during her first visit?
It’s a New Year and it’s time to put client retention and returns on your list of New Year’s resolutions! Did you know that product purchases increase client retention?

Did you know that the national salon pre-booking average is only 45 percent?

What are you doing to make sure that every client that walks through your door will come back again and again? I have a couple ideas on how you can make a positive, lasting impression that leads to future business!

First, make sure that every greeting is warm and welcoming. The salon team should study the appointment book for opportunities and know who to expect and when. As clients arrive, greet them as if you have been expecting them all day.

For example, greeting a client with, “Hello, Sarah! It’s so great to have you with us today. Jennifer is looking forward to your appointment. I’ll let her know you are here. Oh, before I do that, I wanted to point out that we have a great buy one, get one half off special this month.  Take a minute to browse our specials table and I’ll go get Jennifer.”

Doesn’t that sound so much better than, “Who are you here to see?” Not only does it sound better and more welcoming, but it also gets the client thinking about products that they need.

Secondly, work as a team. There is a customer service fact that is revealing—85 percent of the reason why a customer comes back for a second visit was due to the total experience in the salon. While the client is in the service provider’s chair, check up on them periodically. If your salon offers beverages, ask to refill their drink or get them a new magazine to read. The service providers can also make each client feel at home by being personable and talking positively about future appointments. Every client wants to belong to a salon. It’s the job of the entire salon team to make them feel as though they have found their new home.

Service providers who talk about timeframes for future visits and the products they are using will “plant the seed” in the client’s mind for pre-booking and product purchases, enabling the front desk to make the close. Pre-booking is one of the biggest missed opportunities to ensure future business.

Before the client checks out, pull all the products that the service provider recommended. As the client approaches the front desk, compliment them on their new look. Explain that they can recreate their new look at home with the products that were hand chosen by their service provider. Review the written instructions from the service provider for each product. Remind the client of any specials or promotions for the products and ask what products they would like to take home.  

Lastly, pre-book the next appointment and thank the client. When pre-booking, say something like this, “Jennifer recommends that you come back in six weeks to keep your style looking fresh. Would you like to stick with your Saturday appointment at 10 a.m. and see Jennifer in another six weeks?” Don’t forget to graciously thank your clients at the end of every visit—it’s key to creating an awesome and lasting first impression. Let them know how much you appreciate their business, how great they look, and how you are looking forward to seeing them at their next visit!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley Griffin

A front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Salon Coaching. She worked in Tampa, Florida as a Salon Coordinator and Manager at a renowned model and touring salon for Summit Salon. She completely fell in love with the salon industry. Ashley now fulfills her desire to teach others through her responsibilities as a Crystal Focus coach.


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