Mentoring Your Front Desk

By Ashley Griffin | 09/10/2010 9:23:23 AM


While having a successful, revenue-generating front desk is extremely important in this industry, one problem that I see in salons that seems to go unnoticed is the value of coaching the front desk support team, individually, on a regular basis.

If you stop to think about it, we are mentored all throughout life. From elementary through high school, we are assigned guidance counselors and teachers to help us make educated decisions about our future. In college, subject advisors take on that role. Why stop once we finish in the formal schooling system?

When we begin investing in not only the professional lives, but also in the personal lives of our front desk staff, you will begin to see a difference in the overall attitude of your front desk support team!

How do we accomplish this? First of all, set aside time each month for the salon manager, salon owner, and/or senior stylist to sit down with each member of the front desk support team!

In this 30-minute time slot, numerous things can be discussed. If you have implemented goals fro the front desk, such as pre-booking, retail sales, additional services, gift card sales, this is the time you would take to review their monthly accomplishments.

Use this time to review and role play important customer service techniques, such as closing the retail sale or offering and upselling additional services. This helps continue to train your front desk team on an individual basis and helps practice correct scripting and product offerings. This is also a time to discuss new promotions or sales, and in general, see what is going on the lives of your team. Find out how you can support them and grow them within, and outside of the salon.

As salon owners and managers, we have such an influence on those who work with and for us. When we take the time to invest in our team members' lives, we can and will accomplish great things together.

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Ashley Griffin is a front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Coaching. As Ashley pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, she worked as a Front Desk Coordinator at New Identities Hair Studio of Tampa, Florida. Upon graduation, she bypassed her intended goal of becoming a history teacher, to accept her new responsibilities as salon manager and Crystal Focus coach.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley Griffin

A front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Salon Coaching. She worked in Tampa, Florida as a Salon Coordinator and Manager at a renowned model and touring salon for Summit Salon. She completely fell in love with the salon industry. Ashley now fulfills her desire to teach others through her responsibilities as a Crystal Focus coach.


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