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By C. Jeanine Fulton | 05/16/2012 12:11:00 PM


It’s never too late.

Whether you’ve been in the beauty industry 20 plus years or are just getting started, finding the area that makes you most happy will ultimately make you the most successful.

Use your talent.

When I graduated from cosmetology school, I wanted to combine my speaking and writing skills with my extreme creative cosmetic ideas.  However, it wasn’t until many years after working in the beauty industry that I felt at home in my career.   Now as a speaker and writer for our industry, I absolutely love my job!

Dream big.

I was just speaking to Carols Cintron, who was the 2011 NAHA Texture category winner and finalist for Hairstylist of the Year, about career passion.  Let’s pause here and clap for Carlos.  Participating and winning NAHA is a great accomplishmentand a BIG dream for many stylists.

 It tickled me when he described himself as being creative.  Immediately I flashed back to my days of working in the salon, wishing that I were outside under a tree styling hair.   I was going to own the very first outdoor garden salon complete with Zen philosophy and feng shui design.   Of course, in my dream world there were no such things as allergies and bad weather.  Simple, breath taking, relaxing, independence, and freedom of expression are attributes I imagined. 

 Know what you don’t like.

During that time in my career, I felt like I wanted to break out of the confinement I thought the four walls of the salon provided.  Now I appreciate the experience and actually miss working on clients and creating new looks. Perhaps you prefer cutting over coloring, or training over competing. People develop preferences through experiences so live it up.  Take advantage of the vast opportunities in the beauty industry.  If on your journey you find out what you don’t like to do, then you’ll have a greater chance in discovering what it is you truly love to do.

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About C. Jeanine Fulton:

After C. Jeanine Fulton completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 1994, she pursued a career in the field of cosmetology. She also received a Master of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University in 1999 while working both as a hair stylist and business professional. She is able to combine her marketing and cosmetic flair as the founder and Director of Operations for Persona Market, a training and publishing company targeting the beauty industry.  Fulton impacts thousands of professionals each year through her passion for writing and speaking.








ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeanine Fulton

C. Jeanine Fulton brings over 13 years of business training, coaching and writing savvy to the beauty industry. She is an inspirational speaker and author of Industry In:Site, 101 Top Beauty Careers, a one of a kind career guide book. Jeanine also develops programs and communication content for schools and product manufacturers while working by the motto, “Fun Education is the Best Motivation!”

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