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By Stacey Soble | 06/03/2011 11:46:00 AM


I was so excited when my 16-year-old daughter Rachel tried out for and made her high school's diving team. But two weeks after practice started, when she could no longer pull a comb through her hair, I was rethinking that decision. Two-hour, daily practice sessions in a chlorine-saturated pool left her blonde strands tangled, dry, dull, gummy and wee bit green.

The San Luis Obispo High School Dive Team thanks Malibu Welless and the San Luis Obispo Fantastic Sam's for their Malibu Makeovers.

So I made the Malibu Wellness booth a target at my next professional beauty show and struck up a conversation with Trisha Kemp, director of business development. If you aren’t familiar with Malibu Wellness, this company is a leader in the natural salon treatment category and home to Malibu C, a groundbreaking brand of patented formulas blended with freshly activated vitamin crystals. Malibu C effectively draws and removes damaging hard water deposits and environmental impurities that can diminish the health and appearance of both hair and skin.

As I was talking with Trisha, I picked up a box of Swimmer’s Weekly Solution for Rachel, and ended up taking home some Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer and Blondes Weekly Brightener for me to help combat the effects of our house's well water system on my hair.

Then Trisha offered me an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. In her role, she travels to salons and educates stylists on how to conduct the Malibu Makeover and Miracle Repair in-salon treatments. She was in the process of scheduling a training at our local Fantastic Sam’s and invited the entire high school dive team for complimentary services in exchange for them serving as hair models for the class. Since the divers most likely represented the extreme in mineral damage to the hair, it was a good match.


So one evening, directly after a diving competition, eight girls paraded into the Fantastic Sam's in San Luis Obispo, CA, many still damp from the pool. All of them underwent the Malibu Makeover and Miracle Repair treatments, and we were able to conduct some before and after pictures and interviews. All the divers were elated with the results and so grateful to Trisha, not only for the treatments, but for the take-home products she gifted them to help maintain the results.

The wellness treatments are excellent add-on services for any salon. Not only can they help you generate additional revenue on your existing client population, they help your stylists and colorists perform better services since the treatments create a canvas of healthy hair for your best work.

“The quality of your service is so excelled because everything is out of the way that would make color not adhere or a perm not take,” says Kemp. “The client immediately sees the value of the service because they will see the quality of their hair improved and they’ll get longevity out of the service.”

According to Trisha, it’s an easy sell, too.  “I just suggest to the client, ‘Let’s do a pre-treatment today, it’ll take care of all the minerals on your hair that will prevent us from getting a successful result with your service.’ They go for it every time.’”



Before: “My hair was gross. It always clumped and was just about impossible to keep untangled for more than 5 minutes. The ends were always split, and my hair seemed to take forever to dry when I got out of the pool.”
After: “AMAZING! I can actually run my fingers through my hair without cringing. It is softer and even feels like it weighs less without all that chlorine holding it down. I am super blonde to start with, but my hair got even lighter after the service.”  


Before: “My hair has been really tangled recently and the ends have become hard and crunchy because of the exposure to the chlorine. Also, it’s more challenging to straighten my hair, because my iron doesn’t slide, and there’s a slight burning smell that makes me worry.”
After: “It is much softer after the Malibu Makeover treatment. It smells better, and it seems like the chlorine has disappeared, which I hope makes it easier to manage.”  

Before: “May hair felt like it had a layer of minerals on it constantly. Since I have been getting in the pool lately, it seems to be getting duller and heavier.”  

After: “Usually when I take a shower, it is hard to run my fingers though my hair while it’s wet, but now it is much softer. The highlights and different colors in my hair show up better now.”

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