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Salon Tour: The Well

Elizabeth Jakaitis | September 10, 2014 | 9:30 AM
The Well currently carries labels like UNIF, Henrik Vibskov, Vivienne Westwood, Minimale Animale and Skingraft. As the salon and boutique grows they are bringing in more international designers to give shoppers a unique experience. Their goal is to offer styles not usually found in Los Angeles.
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“The stained wooden slats lining the sides of the space were reclaimed from the walls knocked down in what previously occupied the building,” Weidner says. “They help inject some of that hominess while the rest of the space appears more starkly modern.”
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The Well is located in a turn-of-the-century warehouse with a sleek, minimalist vibe. The space was designed to be versatile, with a purposeful flow from the retail and clothing store area to the salon portion and then back into the event and gallery space, occluded by a hidden swinging door.
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The salon, boutique and venue space all exist under the same umbrella. “It encourages us all to be a strong team and work together,” Weidner says. “We'll frequently have bands and artists take photos prior to their performance in the warehouse. They'll be styled for both the shoot and their show, and the salon takes care of the hair and glam. So you can see, there's a lot of integration.”
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“There was a lot of attention paid towards even, fluid lines between the orientation and design of the walls,” Weidner says. “The shampoo area was intentionally sectioned off to give our clients an additional level of intimacy and privacy, and also keeps the energy flowing.”
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“Talking design with our amazing architect, Ivan Ivanov, we wanted the space to look very contemporary and progressive while still retaining a level of warmth and comfort for clients,” Weidner says.
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The Well

Los Angeles, CA

Owners: Jefferson Tangradi and Alex Weidner

Established: 2012

Square Footage: 2,500

Stations: 5

Furniture/Equipment: Custom

Retail: Oribe

Color line: Wella

Architect: Ivan Ivanov

Designers: Ivan Ivanov, Alex Weidner, Jefferson Tangradi

Photographer: Lawrence Anderson
Overall Style: Fun, creative, real


In downtown LA, an unobtrusive pink neon sign on the bare walls of a warehouse reads, “The Well.” It has all the markings of being an urban-cool, yet-to-be-discovered venue – and it is. However, these walls also house an upscale salon and boutique owned by Jefferson Tangradi and Alex Weidner.

“There’s been a really positive response from our staff and clientele about both the feel of the salon space and the multifunctional aspects of the building as a whole,” Weidner says. “The company’s aim is to inspire, educate and motivate our entire team to grow along with the forward progression of The Well as a brand.”

The sundry space offers clients more reasons to visit and develop a close relationship with The Well.

“We have people that get their hair done and shop, and because we have so many different events in art, music, and fashion, all of our clients come back to have fun,” Tangradi says. “Our whole thing is promoting feeling good about yourself. What better way than to dress well, look well-kept and be somewhere fun?" 



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