Sue Pemberton Shares Her Secret for Remembering Color Formulas!

March 28, 2017 | 2:50 PM
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(From left) Beth Christie, CEO of MIA by SureTint; Sue Pemberton; and MODERN’s Editor in Chief Alison Alhamed
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At Zaza Salon and Spa in Lincolnshire, IL, master colorist Sue Pemberton shares her secret for remembering color formulas! Pemberton says when working with 3-4 colors on every client, it can involve a lot of writing down and documenting what you’ve done. Plus, remembering the process each time is a whole different story.

However, now there’s a new app by SureTint Technologies called MIA, My Intelligent Assistant, which allows you to document your formulas and upload pictures of the coloring process. That way, you can always refer to them if you need them.

When Pemberton’s clients come back to the salon, she says the MIA app allows her to review past color photos with her clients so they can decide what to do next.

Later on MODERN's Facebook Live, Pemberton demos how to create a dimensional ruby red using foils.

More About MIA

MIA by SureTint is an app that assists salon professionals with hair coloring. MIA does all the following:

  • Helps dispense color efficiently
  • Reproduce colors accurately
  • Manages reports and keeps track of records
  • Helps you reduce color and packaging waste 
  • Engage your clients professionally
  • Promote your looks socially
  • Make an impact environmentally

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Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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