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Inspired Ideas: The Weekly Huddle

Stacey Soble | January 11, 2017 | 8:10 AM
Ivy Overby, owner of Emerge Modern Salon and Spa in Denver, CO.

In Denver, Colorado, Emerge Modern Salon & Spa kicks off each week with a 45-minute huddle on Tuesday mornings. “The purpose is to touch base with one another as a team and hear what inspires each of us and what’s relevant to the industry,” says Owner Ivy Overby.

Team members take turns leading the huddle and sharing their inspiration. For instance, the week before Thanksgiving, a team member shared an article with strategies about how to simplify your life, then she invited each colleague to write down something they could give up that would make their lives easier.

During the huddle, another team member will choose one of the salon’s products or services and give a 30-second standup commercial, sharing strategies for communicating about it to clients. “We also ask the group to share what they love about the product or service, any alternative uses and how they talk about it with clients,” Overby says. “The following week I always see an uptick in what was featured.”


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