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Saving FACE(book)

Kelly Ehlers | July 30, 2014 | 7:14 PM
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for – Facebook has launched a SAVE feature! The helpful feature (you know, the one that they’ve been working on for TWO YEARS), is finally here and ready for you to save away.


So, what’s the sitch?


You know when you’re quickly checking Facebook in between guests, see an awesome new hairstyle you want to try, but don’t have time to read it? Yea, enjoy scrolling through an entire day’s worth of Newsfeed later that night to try to find the article again. Well, scroll no longer! The save feature allows you to archive those photos, places, or even articles in an easily accessible place to come back to anytime, anywhere. That’s right, anywhere. Save an article to your phone, and you can view it later on your laptop, your iPad, even your work computer!


Key Features?

  •  Save once, view anywhere.
  • Saved items automatically organized by category (That’s a huge YES! coming from a neat freak!).
  • Facebook will remind you of articles you saved if you forget about them.
  • Unless you choose to share with friends (which you can), your saved lists are for your eyes and your eyes only!


It’s pretty simple.


1. Click on upper right hand corner of post and press “Save ‘Name of page’” OR simply click the save button in the top bar of your new favorite page.

2. In the “More” tab, click on Saved to access your saved pages and posts.

3. Get reminded by Facebook about that killer new hair trend that you forgot you saved!

So yea, I’ll admit that the team here at Ideas That Evoke is preeeeeetttttyyyy excited about this save feature. WHEN WILL IT GET HERE?! “Over the next few days” is what we were told by the official Facebook people – and that scared us at first. But we were watching and we were waiting. And now that it’s finally rolled out, you can bet we’re celebrating!


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Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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