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SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cezanne Smoothing @ Butterfly Studio Salon NYC

Lauren Salapatek | June 20, 2014 | 8:51 AM
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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Cezanne Smoothing Treatment before & after.
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It’s been a service Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC has had on their menu since December 2013, and this summer, owner and Cezanne Ambassador Kattia Solano predicts the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment is going to be a popularly requested treatment. Solano shares with us its benefits and features:

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE: A formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment without the use of harmful chemicals that could be a health concern for stylists and clients.

The treatment features two main ingredients that do the smoothing: Sericin, a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. Sericin bonds very effectively to the natural keratin in hair and acts as a cement between the strands of keratin proteins and is able to lock hair into a smoother, straighter shape.

Glycolic acid, a popular exfoliant and moisturizer for skin, is the second main ingredient. It penetrates the hair shaft to allow keratin and vitamins to infuse throughout the hair shaft, delivering softer and more manageable hair. The treatment includes Vitamins C, E, B3, B5 and B6 derived from sugar cane, lemon, apple and green tea extracts.

MARKETING THE SERVICE: “We have never found a product that keeps the hair feeling natural--and Cezanne definitely does. We market it to anyone who has a little extra texture they want to smooth out. The beauty with it is that anyone can use it because it improves the quality of their own texture. We also market it to anyone who gets their hair color treated or relaxed. Getting the Cezanne treatment afterwards makes the hair feel 100 percent better.”

PRICE: $250-550 depending on length and texture of hair.

TRAINING: "Cezanne’s education team comes in and trains the entire salon. They bring in models and show us how to perform the service. Our stylists and colorists know how to do it. It's good to have color and style on the team of Cezanne, because some colorists know it better because they understand formula, etc. and the stylists know how to style it. It gives the ability for our employees to fill their book and book a client between services.”

FRAGRANCE: “You don’t feel like you are getting any harsh chemicals in the hair, it’s good for the environment of the salon. If a person next to you is getting the treatment done they are comfortable as well. The stylists don’t even need to wear gloves, Cezanne is very gentle.”

AFTER EFFECTS: “Getting the treatment feels better the second time around, and it comes out a little more manageable. A client knows they need to come in for another treatment when they hair starts feeling rough – usually after 3 months.”

REWARDS: “We do a point system with our clients and we reward them for coming back. If they return, they will receive a percentage off from the treatment. If they come in with a friend, both of them will receive a discount or a discount off the products. We also give clients a goody bag for a special price.

For more information about Cezanne, visit

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